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An Apology From Dr. Myatt And Nurse Mark

Written by Wellness Club on June 18, 2012 – 1:20 pm -

If you recently received a piece of spam, junk email bearing a return address of we want to offer our sincere apologies.

At The Wellness Club we hate spam and junk emails as much as you do – maybe even more.

Your email information is confidential and safe with us – we never share that information with anyone else – not for any reason, ever.

So, how did junk emails get sent out bearing our return address? Here’s how it happened:

We used to have a convenience feature on our website called a “Tell-A-Friend.” This was a handy little doohickey that made it easy for you to tell someone else about a web page or product that you found on our website; with just a couple of clicks it would send your friend a link to the page and a small message from you – using our email system. It was handy, convenient, and lots of people really liked it and used it often to share information about natural health.

It seems that the spammers discovered that it is a handy thing too. Last night a spammer in the Philippines used our Tell-A-Friend to send out junk email to thousands of addresses on his list.

The spammer had stolen our email service and then used it to do his dirty work, like someone stealing a car and using it to commit a robbery.

Your email addresses and other information were never compromised – the spammer had to  use his own database of addresses to send to using our email service (and consequently our return address.)

Still, because we are absolutely opposed to spam in any form, we have removed the Tell-A-Friend convenience feature so that this can never happen again.

We feel like The Wellness Club has been violated and we are sorry that the spammer was able to exploit and abuse a convenience feature on our website.


Dr. Myatt & Nurse Mark

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