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Questions About Gugulipid And "Male Potency Formulas"

Written by Wellness Club on May 7, 2009 – 11:05 pm -

One of our regular readers and Wellness Club member Ann writes in often with questions – I was unaware until now that Ann is also a Nurse, but that helps to explain her frequent and interesting questions!

Ann wrote recently to ask a couple of questions:

Hi Mark
More questions from me.  Being a nurse also , I often get asked things for which I am not sure how to reply!  So I am passing these onto you.
I have a friend in his late 60’s who had prostrate surgery about 10 years ago.  His MD recently prescribed Ciallis which he says works, however he was wanting something more natural.  He asked about zenerex which I looked up and seems fine.  But, is there anything from Dr. Myatt that might help.?  He already takes the maxi multi and exercises regularly so is in good shape.
Question two:  Have you heard of gugulipid for lowering cholesterol?  I have directed this person to your site also for the niacin.  He says that he has been taking niacin and it is not working as well as he would like.
Thank you once again.  Don’t mean to be a pest!

Ann, you are definitely not a pest! We like a good question here, and questions like this are of interest to many of our other readers too. Here are the answers:

Hi Ann,

Zenerex looks like it is a typical "Pixie Dust" formulation – this is a formulation in which the maker puts a little bit of everything that has ever been suggested to be beneficial into a capsule and markets it as being the next great miracle supplement by describing the wonderful results claimed for each individual ingredient. Unfortunately formulations of this sort sound wonderful but can rarely ever contain enough of the individual ingredients to do much good – the capsules just aren’t big enough – and that is why we refer to them as "Pixie Dust" formulas. They do market and sell well though, because human nature says that people tend to like products that have "lots of stuff" since they seem like "a better deal". Further, there is no "herbal viagra" or "herbal cialis" that we are aware of – natural products tend to work by correcting deficiencies and underlying problems and show their effects over a matter of weeks or months – not in 15 minutes or so like the pharmaceuticals do.

I am quite sure that even a brief consultation with Dr. Myatt would get this gentleman much better results than "shooting in the dark" with random supplements. He may wish to consider hormone testing as hormonal imbalances can have a dramatically adverse effect on male performance and male hormones naturally decrease with age, just as female hormones do. Bio-identical hormone supplementation is not just for women!

Regarding gugulipid – please review our article: Lower Cholesterol Naturally – Better Cholesterol Management with Vitamins and Herbs and please remember that despite what the pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe, it is quite possible to have dangerously low cholesterol levels – cholesterol is essential for life and excessively low levels put one at risk for hemorrhagic stroke and hormonal imbalances amongst other things.

Hope this helps,

Nurse Mark

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