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Special Report On Vitamin D

Written by Wellness Club on April 21, 2010 – 4:07 pm -


Our last issue of HealthBeat News was devoted entirely to a Special Report On Vitamin D prepared by Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark. This report went out to our HealthBeat Subscribers first – as a HealthBeat Subscriber you will always get the latest, most up-to-date information and research – and you’ll get it before anyone else!

Since that time we received a lot of feedback – most of it very positive with folks saying that this report went a long way toward clearing up the confusion surrounding this in-the-news and surrounded-by-hype vitamin. A few folks said that they had a hard time reading it in their email programs. To remedy that we have placed it onto a page on The Wellness Club website – it can be found here: Special Report On Vitamin D

Here are the “Cliff Notes” for those who just can’t wait or who don’t want to read the fully scientifically referenced article:

Vitamin D — The Short Course

1.) Vit D is produced in our bodies in response to sun exposure. Vit D is also available from food and supplements.

2.) Vit D is FAR more important to health than was previously realized. I’m talking FAR more important.

3.) Vit D deficiency is widespread, including North America, even in sunny climates like Arizona. Many people who think they are getting enough Vitamin D from sunlight are mistaken.

4.) How to Optimize Vit D Levels for Good Health:

I.)  Vit D test, supplement accordingly, re-test

II.) Supplement at 5,000IU for 3 months, then test your levels.

III.) Don’t test, run the risk of being deficient, but take at least 2,000IU total per day. (This is still an extremely conservative dose, but much higher than the RDA of 400IU which hasn’t been changed yet to reflect the newer findings about Vit D). 

5.) Natural ways to obtain Vit D: Foods, supplements and sun exposure.

Read the full article here: Special Report On Vitamin D

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