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The Scientifically Proven Benefits of an Attitude Of Gratitude

Written by Wellness Club on November 29, 2016 – 4:55 pm -

By Dr. Dana Myatt   Thanksgiving isn’t the only time of year when we should take stock of all the positive things in our lives. While it might sound like so much New Age woo-woo, there is plenty of scientific proof that cultivating an “Attitude of Gratitude” is healthy in many ways. Here are the […]

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Statin Drugs Found To Cause Increased Parkinson’s Risk

Written by Wellness Club on November 15, 2016 – 12:27 pm -

This is Part IX of a multi-part series that discusses the statin drug controversy. Please find links to the rest of this series at the end of this article. By Nurse Mark   Dr. Myatt and I have been warning of the dangers of statin drugs for many years. Are we totally against the use […]

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How Dirty Sleep Leads To A Dirty Mind

Written by Wellness Club on October 28, 2016 – 2:18 pm -

By Dr. Dana Myatt   Like breathing, sleep is an “essential” human requirement. “Essential” means that your body must have it and you would die without it. How long can a person go without sleep before death ensues? The jury is still out on this. But death isn’t the biggest problem of sleep deprivation because […]

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This Is Your Brain On…

Written by Wellness Club on June 23, 2016 – 11:18 am -

By Nurse Mark   We all remember the ads; the egg, the frying pan… the very serious voice saying This is your brain (the egg,) this is drugs (the frying pan,) this is your brain on drugs (the egg sizzling in the frying pan.) No sensible person today doubts the damage that methamphetamine, crack, heroin, […]

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Two Foods That Make You Stoopid ("False Dementia")

Written by Wellness Club on May 15, 2016 – 9:32 am -

By Dr. Dana Myatt   A brief survey of my Ketone Zone book reviewers revealed that cancer is not their most-feared disease. It ranks second. The biggest fear is dementia. No one wants to lose their marbles to Alzheimer’s or some other non-Alzheimer’s brain fog. So let’s talk about two foods that can dumb you […]

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