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Bio Algae – Is It Any Good?

Written by Wellness Club on February 10, 2012 – 3:36 pm -

Bio Algae – Is It Any Good?


By Nurse Mark


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – If Dr. Myatt hasn’t heard about a product, that’s not a good sign (for the product). And if Dr. Myatt doesn’t carry a product on The Wellness Club website, there is a good reason. Either the product doesn’t meet Dr. Myatt’s standards for quality, or it doesn’t meet her standards for medical and scientific effectiveness, or it may simply be a hyped-up over-marketed product that doesn’t do anything more than the proven products that Dr. Myatt already offers, often at substantially less cost.

Ann writes us from time to time to ask about products and sent us this note recently:

Hi Mark
I have some friends [who are using] bio algae concentrates.  Do you now much about it?
Thank you   Ann


Hi Ann,

Yes, we know quite a bit about these products generally though we cannot comment specifically on the one you mention as we have not performed our usual Quality Audit process on this product. It does seem rather expensive though – but I guess someone has to pay for all the marketing hype!

Please see our information here about Chlorella.

You may also find the information about Modifilan to be of interest.

Also, as a more complete plant-food supplement you should be taking Maxi Greens.

Maxi Greens contain significant amounts of Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella, and Dunaliella salina algae along with a good balance of other flavonoids and phytonutrients.

All these products are excellent detoxificants and provide valuable nutritive factors that are valuable for detoxification, heavy metal toxicity, blood building, general antioxidant protection, and intestinal detoxification.

My premier recommendation would be Maxi Greens – as it is the most broad-spectrum and best for ongoing, everyday use and works out to be quite economical for the nutritive and health benefits it provides.

Next would be chlorella, which is useful if you have specific detoxification effects that you wish to address.

Modifilan is a great product that we recommend often, but it’s use is more specialized – it is one of our “big guns.” It contains organic iodine which feeds the thyroid gland, promoting normal metabolism and glandular function. It also has immune-stimulating anti-viral and anti-cancer properties and of course a very important use is in detoxifying the body from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals and toxins.

Still, my first choice recommendation for a “Greens” supplement is Maxi Greens !

Hope this helps!

Nurse Mark

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