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Is It Real, Or Just Another Sales-Pitch? Dr. Myatt Will Know!

Written by Wellness Club on May 28, 2009 – 1:28 am -

By Nurse Mark

There is just so much information out there in internet-land… and it all sounds so compelling and good! Too good to be true many times, as this Wellness Club member and reader relates.

There is not much out there (dare I say there is nothing out there) that we have not heard of around here – as Dr. Myatt likes to say, you’ll have to get up pretty early in the morning to be able to find something that we are not familiar with here – we spend our days researching constantly to be certain that we know about anything that might possibly benefit our patients and customers and readers. Drugs, surgical treatments, vitamins, supplements, diets, crystals, energy, you-name-it, we’ve checked it out and if it sounds even the least promising we’ve investigated it. You can be sure that if it is worthwhile we’ll let you know – and if some new wonder is not listed on our website or hasn’t been written about by Dr. Myatt you can be sure that it is no oversight – we just don’t bother with the stuff that doesn’t work.

Here is a case in point – Ethel has received a "free e-book" that in reality is a sales-pitch. I had received the same emailed "free book" offer quite some time ago and it sounded so good that Dr. Myatt and I decided to investigate it. I’ll let you read on to see what Dr. Myatt has to say about it…

Hello Nurse Mark.

I’ve received an unsolicted e-mail that provides a lot of info about MMS. Do you know anything about it, whether it is valid, or just a hoax?Here’s the link to the "free downloadable book" on MMS by Jim Humble. It sounds just too good to be true, so I thought it best to ask a reliable source for some valid info on the subject matter. Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.

I remembered the book, and it’s premise – and I forwarded Ethel’s email and my comment to Dr. Myatt: This is indeed the "Stabilized oxygen"… do you want to make a brief comment to Ethel?

And Dr. Myatt answered Ethel’s question:

Hi Ethel:

We’ve not only already read the ebook, we’ve been experimenting with the product for a number of months now.

There is no proof that it works for anything, although the ebook’s many citations of help for malaria are compelling. If I had malaria, I’d probably try it. There’s nothing else particularly helpful for this condition.

For all the rest of the problems this chemical complex supposedly helps? "Hearsay." There’s no proof that it helps anything. Even the one thing it is supposed to do really well —- cure malaria —- is still only backed up by anecdotal stories.

I have used the product in several patients (actually, they elected to be guinea pigs) for conditions it might theoretically help according to their literature. Hepatitis C is one. If made no difference. I also tried it for a chronic viral condition I have (herpes) that it theoretically should have helped. No go.

Bottom line: no proven benefit for anything; possibly worth a try if you have malaria.

Thanks for asking about this and believe me, if we come across a product that really IS a "cures-everything" formula, my readers and patients will be some of the first people to hear about it!

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

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