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A “Killer” Flu – Really?

Written by Wellness Club on January 22, 2018 – 12:25 pm -

Deaths attributed to this year’s “flu epidemic” are being reported with great drama and alarum by the press, as they are every year. 10 year-old hockey players. Marathon-running moms. 21 year-old fitness buffs. Infants. Children. Seniors. The popular press would have us believe that influenza has people dying in record numbers. Be Afraid, Very Afraid […]

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"Vitamins a Waste" — Fake News or Fact?

Written by Wellness Club on August 23, 2017 – 2:31 pm -

By Dr. Dana Myatt   Gotta’ love the media. They are more concerned with entertaining us than with actual journalism. We call this "info-tainment." Please don’t bet your life on this kind of reporting. They’ve done it again, this time with the recent report that "most vitamin supplements are worthless." Here’s what a recent mainstream […]

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When is vitamin C not vitamin C?

Written by Wellness Club on July 24, 2017 – 12:24 pm -

Nurse Mark Says: Lots of people write to us, knowing that we are on the leading edge of medical news and science. Often it’s to ask about things that others have written – things that maybe don’t seem quite right, or things that seem to be in contradiction with our recommendations. There are endless streams […]

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Are You Low Carb, Very Low Carb, Or Ketogenic?

Written by Wellness Club on July 1, 2017 – 8:09 am -

Are We Still Standing Behind Our Low Carb Diet Advice? Nurse Mark says: Every now and then someone writes us with what they really hope will be a "Gotcha!" that will simultaneously demonstrate their genius and place our ignorance on display for all the world to see. Most of the time it is obvious that […]

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Diabetes Drug Causes Diabetes?

Written by Wellness Club on May 19, 2017 – 12:05 pm -

By Nurse Mark   Not likely… We have often warned that it can be easy for the uninformed to become confused and miss-interpret things that they find on the internet. In fact, it is so easy to do that even people who should know better can embarrass themselves. Such is the case with a recent […]

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