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Sometimes We Get Angry Letters…

Written by Wellness Club on May 15, 2008 – 12:50 pm -

By Nurse Mark

Plenty of folks write us about our newsletters and our website articles. Most folks appreciate the information that we provide, but some people disagree with things we have to say. Generally those who disagree do so politely, doing their best to persuade us to their point of view. Others are not so nice about it. Here is a recent letter to Dr. Myatt, presented just as it arrived; spelling errors, emphasis, and all:


I am shocked and appauled by your comment regarding mercury amalgams and how you have not met one person who benefited from can you put out the message that there is no benefits in removing POISON from ones mouth. Are you suggesting its safe to keep one of the most toxic substances on the planet (mercury) inside ones mouth?? I am not sure what kind of education you have, regardless, you seem very ignorant. I am afraid for people that reach out to you for help regarding this matter…go sit down and do some reading and investigating before you have the nerve to say removing mercury makes no difference in ones health..that is obsured and CRIMINAL!!!!

I have suffered alot due to having mercury amalgams put into my mouth and i know alot of people that had theirs removed and they feel alot better and have prevented further poisoning to their entire system..Everyone should remove this toxic material from their body …MERCURY DOES NOT BELONG IN THE BODY! ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN AND COMMON SENSE WOULD TELL YOU THAT “DOCTOR”

You need to become alot more AWAKE in life and realize that poison does not belong in anyones mouth. Do NOT suggest that it makes no difference, that is an INSANE piece of advice! insane.
People have gotten their life and health back after getting this garbage OUT! WAKE UP! you have “heard” “anecdotal” stories?! What kind of doctor gives this kind of advice based on what you have heard…go learn about science and learn about mercury and how horrible it is… people like you are a disgrace to the medical profession. Thank God for the few others that are aware of dangers to human health and do not listen to people who do things for financial gain..mercury was a cheap way to fix teeth without much consideration to nasty out comes and long term damage. why do you think so many dentists committed suicide or became ill : mercury vapours! If you cant just throw it in the trash, it doesnt belong in our body.

I am so angry about the crap you are feeling people. Its hypocritical to say “take care of your teeth and gums” and in the same breath say its okay to keep mercury in. GET REAL.

Whew! This person has certainly “torn a strip” off of Dr. Myatt! Both Dr. Myatt and I were both quite taken aback at the angry tone of this letter.

Here is Dr. Myatt’s answer:

Hi Karen:

Say, don’t hold back. Why don’t you tell me how you REALLY feel?! Sometimes We Get Angry Letters...

Actually, you seriously misunderstood what I was saying on our dental health webpage. I am definitely against amalgam fillings as everyone who reads our HealthBeat Newsletter knows. I personally don’t have any amalgams in my mouth — had them all removed and replaced with other materials thought to be far safer. Here’s why I think you were confused, and I’ve tweaked the webpage that confused you so others won’t be similarly mystified.

I didn’t say “don’t have your amalgams out.” What I said was “have them removed correctly.” If they are not removed in the right way, more mercury can be released than simply leaving them in place.

As a practicing physician, I’ve witnessed the devastating effects of someone with a neurological disease having their amalgams removed incorrectly — things get worse instead of better. I’ve written about this in previous HealthBeats. Here are the links to get you up to speed:

Your Dental Fillings Could Be Poisoning You

Three Hidden Causes of Disease Lurking in Your Mouth

Hope this clears things up for you!

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

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