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More On The Bisphosphonates Scandal – From A Dentist

Written by Wellness Club on January 22, 2008 – 6:29 pm -

Our recent article The Ugly Truth About “Bone Building” Drugs For Osteoporosis drew plenty of responses expressing outrage that these drugs, with their potentially devastating side-effects, are being so heavily promoted – pushed – by drug companies and conventional doctors.

One regular reader of HealthBeat, a well-known, straight-shooting dentist in Phoenix, wrote to say that he and his colleagues were well-aware of the dangers.

Dr. Denny writes to say:

Yep, dental dudes and dudettes have been aware of the Bisphosphonate scam for a couple of years; NOTHING will fix the necrosis, either- lots of therapies/protocols have been tried, none successfully.

WORSE: even if a patient discontinues a [bis]phosphonate right here right  now… the half-life is 7-10 years !!!  SCREWED !

Some pharmacologists have argued that the risk/benefit ratio is very much in favor of society-at-large, and the incidence ratio IS very low (essentially unknown)… it must be ok… unless… you come out to be one of the unlucky rarities.

So…take it, and face a myriad of problems; discontinue it, but it will continue to plague you for a decadeor so…. yeah, sterling bit of pharmacological heroin mentality: hooked forever, even when you quit!

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