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Liver Cancer: Is There A One-Pill Treatment?

Written by Wellness Club on September 25, 2012 – 8:59 pm -

By Nurse Mark


“All this in one tiny, easy-to-swallow softgel caplet…”


Big Pharma sure has done a good job of marketing. Their sales researchers discovered long ago that most people, even in the face of life-threatening illness, are really quite unwilling to do anything more than absolutely necessary to get well – and that if someone else can do it for them, with a “shot” or I.V. therapy, or surgery where they really don’t have to do any more than show up and say “fix me doc!” they are even happier.

Gastric surgery or liposuction for weight loss (instead of a healthier diet) is a perfect example, as is the use of “acid blockers” to stop the heartburn caused by poor digestion, or the use of dangerous drugs to control diabetes symptoms instead of simply correcting the problem – it is so much easier to just “take a pill” or “see the doc and get it cut on” than it is to actually address the cause of the problem.

That’s why Big Pharma works so hard to offer their wares in “one tiny, easy-to-swallow softgel caplet”, and “convenient, once-daily dosing.” Never mind that their stuff often doesn’t work – at least it’s convenient… and probably covered by insurance.

Here’s a letter that we see from time to time – more often than we would like, really – from a fellow who not only wants his health to be easy and convenient, but who also sounds like he has given up hope of any improvement and is willing to settle for just a bit more energy. How sad!

Charles wrote:

I have been found to have HCC (cancer) tumor as a result of long term HCV and cirrhosis. 
I want to purchase a vitamin supplement that is simple and easy to take and aids in liver cancer support.
I looked at all of the stuff to take for cancer and I can’t take that many pills a day. 
Instead of Multi Vitamins and a boatload of other supplements, I’m very interested in the vitamin pack (take one daily with food).
I’m not looking for a cure but some vitamin support to help me with deficiencies and give me a little more energy.
Would the multi-packs be okay for me?


Here’s my answer to Charles:

Hi Charles,

You’re messing with me, right? Kidding me to see what kind of a sense of humor I have?

I don’t know the stage of your liver cancer, but liver cancer at any stage is very serious business and the survival rate under conventional treatment is not good at all.

I wish I could tell you that there is one vitamin or herb that will help, and that better yet it involves only one tiny easy-to-swallow capsule a day – but I can’t.

Even your conventional oncologist and hepatologist cannot tell you that about their chemotherapies – and they really don’t work very well anyway.

On the other hand, your conventional oncologist will probably be able to offer you chemotherapy in the form of intravenous infusions, or maybe radiation therapy, or maybe even surgery – and those might seem more convenient to you than a hand-full of vitamins and other dietary supplements a few times a day…

And, you are telling me that you are “not looking for a cure”?

I won’t judge you; perhaps you have decided that the time has come for your life to end and that you don’t want to interfere with that process, but please know that death as a result of liver cancer is not a comfortable, convenient, or pretty thing. If it were me in your shoes I would be battling it with every cell of my being.

You can be sure that if I was in your position I would not allow the minor inconvenience of having to take more than just a few pills more than once a day to keep me from fighting such a disease in every way I could.

Having said that, you should also know that Dr. Myatt and our team at The Wellness Club are not strangers to dealing with both Hep C and with liver cancer.

One of our current patients came to us a couple of years ago complaining of fatigue and abdominal pain – her own doctor (from Yale no less!) thought maybe she was constipated or had some bowel problem.

Dr. Myatt told her what tests to ask for and she was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. As you know, the survival statistics for stage 4 liver cancer are dismal – with very few patients living beyond 6 months to a year and most usually being very sick for a lot of that time.

Our patient, who is in her 70′s, is now over 2 years out from her diagnosis, with almost no evidence of disease and reporting an energy level of 10 on a scale of 10. Yes, she takes more than a few vitamins and herbs and other supplements several times each day, but I doubt you could persuade her to stop. You see, she is enjoying life just too much! She travels (to Europe!), she volunteers, she dances, she attends school, she has a very busy and fulfilling life – and her multiple numbers of “pills” each day don’t seem to get in the way of all that.

Another patient, a man in his 40′s, came to us when his doctors told him “there’s nothing more we can do for you” – after making him into a cardiac cripple with their hepatitis C treatments.

Dr. Myatt told him to mark that date on his calendar since it was a red-letter day for him, and he did. He can still tell you, years afterward, exactly when he started working with Dr. Myatt.

He went from not being able to walk the length of his driveway to his mailbox to being a healthy, robust, weight-lifting, jogging, basketball playing man who recently got married. Oh, and yes, he had to take a whole bunch of pills, several times a day for a while, and still takes what you might call a “boat-load” since it is more than a few and more than just once a day.

So, yes – to answer your question, taking a “vitamin pack” such as My Pack Once Daily is going to be ‘way better than taking some “fairy dust dose” one-a-day vitamin tablet, and certainly better than nothing at all. But please bear in mind that My Packs are designed for otherwise healthy people who want convenience for traveling – not for people with life-threatening illnesses who need serious nutritional deficiency correction. And they are not targeted nutrients for liver disease.

In your case, a minimum protocol would be: Maxi Multi Optimal Dose Multiple Vitamin, Maxi Marine O3 fish oil, and Milk Thistle. If you wanted to do something extra for energy in addition to the healing supplements I listed you could add some vitamin B-12 – B12 Extreme is a little tablet that dissolves under the tongue – so it wouldn’t add too much to your daily “burden” of pills…

You can learn more about these on our website:

Maxi Multi

Maxi Marine O3

Milk Thistle

B12 Extreme

If you are truly serious about dealing with your illness then you will book a brief consultation with Dr. Myatt – and sooner, not later.

The liver is a very forgiving organ if it is treated right. Given a half a chance it can heal and regenerate. Liver cancer need not be a “death sentence.”

Hope this helps,
Nurse Mark

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