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Please – Tell Me What Pill Will Cure My Cancer!

Written by Wellness Club on October 2, 2008 – 3:35 pm -

Conventional Medicine, in concert with Big Pharma, has done a fine job of convincing people that there is a pill to cure every ill. People are so convinced of this that even when they are skeptical of Big Pharma’s poisonous offerings (as they should be!) and wish to explore alternative treatments and therapies, they still look for a quick, one-pill solution. Unfortunately, it is just not that simple – consider the following exchange:

Lavine wrote to ask:

What is the best alternative medicine that you would prescribe for the curing/healing of lymphoma that I have in my lymph nodes? I use grape seed extract-just started a few days ago.

Now, Grape Seed Extract is a wonderful, useful, powerfully protective and healing substance – but it is not a “one pill cure” for anything! Here is Dr. Myatt’s reply to Lavina:

Hi Lavina:

There is no “one best treatment” for ANY type of cancer because each individual’s case has different characteristics. In the case of lymphoma, there are now 35 different sub-types of the disease that have been identified.

Here is information on lymphoma from our website, fully referenced.

Cancer treatment should not be a “do it yourself” proposition unless you have a lot of medical and biochemical background. Even then, consultation with a qualified holistic medical practitioner is what I advise.

Best success on your journey back to health!

Dr. Myatt

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