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Questions About Things We Don’t Even Sell…

Written by Wellness Club on July 8, 2009 – 2:41 pm -

By Nurse Mark


It’s no secret that we get a lot of questions here – Dr. Myatt has a well-deserved reputation for being scientific, honest, thorough, and for being more interested in what’s best for the person than in just "making a sale."

So, we get plenty of questions about products we do not carry: questions of the "have you heard of…" variety are common, and yes, Dr. Myatt has probably heard of it.  Questions of the "I bought this product at my local health food store because the sales clerk said it was really good and now I think I’m having  a bad reaction to it – is that possible?" variety are tougher since 1.) we probably know little about that particular product (if we don’t carry it ourselves) and, 2.) we certainly know little about the person, their medical history, their medication or supplement regimen, their diet, and a dozen other things. To those people we can only suggest they go back to the health food store and ask the sales clerk… Then there are the "I bought this supplement from someone else – now can you tell me all about it and how to use it?" variety of questions – which mostly just get a chuckle from us here…

Then there the questions that ask for our "opinion" regarding supplements being sold by others: Brenda sent us a rather confusing email recently asking about such a product and acknowledging that she could not find it on our website – a fact which by itself be pretty revealing of how Dr. Myatt feels about it. If it’s worthwhile, that is if it can benefit our patients and customers, we’ll probably carry it! Brenda also mentioned Larch in her subject line, but did not ask about it in her question – so maybe she pushed the ‘send" button before she was quite ready…

I cannot find this on the shopping portion of your site. Do you have an opinion on Protocel?

Dr. Myatt took some time to answer Brenda as best she could, since she is familiar with the product through her research into cancer:

Hi Brenda:

No studies on Protocel have been published in standard scientific journals, and no clinical trials (research studies with people) of Protocel have been done.

NCI studies have uncovered nothing special about this substance. It is certainly not one of the more promising substances for cancer treatment if that is your interest in Protocel.

One of the ingredients in the formula, copper, can actually hasten metastasis when it is present in higher doses in the body. The other ingredients have been little studied. There are only a few testimonials in the advertising pages. Testimonials alone do not constitute a promising cure unless they are extensive and spread throughout non-sales forums across the internet (as the Budwig cure is for example).

I have just finished my lecture notes for a medical conference in July where I am speaking on the subject of nutritional and botanical agents for cancer treatment.

My research and criteria for each agent is extensive; a number of promising therapies exist. Protocel didn’t make any of my lists, not even the "promising but unproven" list. It may be an antioxidant, but there are numerous other nutrients, formulas and herbs that are far better proven as anti-carcinogenic agents. This is why you will not find Protocel on my website.

I am finishing up a medical white paper on the most promising cancer treatments including dietary therapies. Would you be interested in reviewing this document when it is ready?

If yes, please let me know and I’ll put your name on my special pre-review list.

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

P.S. Why is your subject line "Larch"? Larch (arabinogalactans) ARE are promising agent for anti-metastatic properties.

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