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The Drug Pushers in Your Neighborhood

Written by Wellness Club on July 9, 2008 – 11:51 am -

The latest Drug Pushing targets our children…

No, it’s not meth, or crack cocaine, or marijuana – these drugs are far more insidious and worrisome. You see, these drugs are being pushed onto our children with the blessings of our own government!

That’s right – these drug pushers are not sleazy, violent underworld characters or drugged up gangbangers – no, these are legal, licensed, tax-paying, fee-paying corporations that are doing everything in their power to convince ever-more Americans that they should, they must use these toxic chemical concoctions. They have (like any smart drug pusher) developed the "connections" that they need to ensure that they can operate with impunity: the cocaine drug lord has the local cops "in his pocket" to keep him safe. The drug companies have politicians – senators, representatives, bureaucrats, lobbyists, judges, lawyers, doctors – that have been bought and paid for and can be depended on to help quell any opposition to the agenda of "drugs for everyone" and ensure that the legal climate favors the use of drugs over any other therapy – such as natural, herbal remedies or even proper diet and simple exercise.

No doubt you have seen the recent headlines in nearly every media outlet – the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children as young as age eight be considered as fair game for a life-long prescription of statin drugs. All they have to do is be a bit overweight, or demonstrate a raise blood pressure, or show a blood sugar test that indicates they might be at risk for developing diabetes, and WHAM! – out comes the prescription pad and BAM! – little Johnny is put on kiddie-statins, and THANK YOU MA’AM! – says Big Pharma as they watch the profits roll in…

No matter that most of today’s kids are not overweight because of a statin deficiency, but because of their sedentary lives and miserable diets of junk and sugar. All that sugar and inactivity is certainly raising their little blood pressures and they are undoubtedly showing high blood sugars on lab test. But it’s not profitable to do anything about that – and besides, that would cut into the profits of the giant Soft Drink Industry and Junk Food Industry – where it is profitable to use that as an justification to push a drug on them.

These are drugs that:

  1. Hopefully won’t cripple or kill them with it’s side effects (rhabdomyolysis can be lethal – remember, the heart is a muscle!)
  2. Hopefully won’t stupefy them in these critical growing years (cholesterol is a vital ingredient for the formation of brain and nerve tissue and of the neurotransmitters that control thought, mood, and emotion)
  3. Certainly won’t do anything about the terrible diet and near-total couch-potato inactivity of so many of today’s kids.

So, doctors are now being advised to start "screening" children as young a 2 years, prescribing statins as young as 8 years, and following the bouncing ball as Big Pharma, the AMA, and the AAP scheme to lower the "acceptable" cholesterol levels to ever-more dangerous levels. That’s right, as cholesterol levels drop, risks of hemorrhagic stroke (the kind that doesn’t respond to those "miraculous" clot-busting drugs) and other medical emergencies rise! (to say nothing of developmental disorders that we will discover as we deprive growing kids of an essential nutrient!)

All this will do is perpetuate the belief that our lives must be modulated and controlled through the ingestion of an appropriate (according to Big Pharma) "Pill For Every Ill" from cradle to grave – that we have no ability to control our own circumstance – that we simply are not capable of pushing ourselves away from potato chips or soda pop, and that it is not possible for us to increase our physical activity in any meaningful way.

To be fair, this will do one very important thing: it will ensure the continued decline of the health of America, and will guarantee the profit picture of Big Pharma for generations to come. And doesn’t that make it all worthwhile?

Pssst! Wanna try some of these pretty pills little girl?

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