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More About Salba…

Written by Wellness Club on May 27, 2009 – 11:30 pm -

Salba continues to generate interest and comments – we still get occasional emails from Salba devotees who take us to task for failing to praise their beloved chia seed, and we get plenty of other comments, both positive and otherwise – This recently arrived in our mailboxes…

Hi Dr. Myatt,

I love your website and am using your advice to help one of my clients who suffers from IBS.

On a personal note, I discovered ground Salba about a year ago and really liked it at first. Then, after a while, I began to experience terrible diarrhea which would stop almost immediately if I stopped taking the Salba. I tried whole Salba and that seemed to be o.k. for a bit, but then the diarrhea returned. I just wrote it off as an intolerance for Salba. Unfortunately for me, this also had a nicely positive impact upon my blood glucose management (I’m a type II diabetic…a hereditary curse…you’d never know by looking at me!). I’m now using another supplement to get my Omega 3s and cinnamon bark extract for blood glucose management, in combination with Metformin HCl (extended release 500 mg. 1x/day). Any other ideas for me? I would love to get off the Metformin altogether as it sometimes causes GI irritation as well.

Warm Regards,


Dr. Myatt took a moment to respond to this one with the following advice:

Hi Sean:

Flax seed meal (ground flax) and/or psyllium also help stabilize blood sugar; this is not "magic" unique to salba/chia.

ALL fiber types will help blood sugar levels (they will help cholesterol levels, too), but this is a function of fiber, not salba.

Here’s a previous article we published about fiber FYI: Twenty-Five Surprising Benefits of a Dietary Non-Nutrient

Why don’t you try my Myatt Muffin? It’s not only delicious and nutritious, it will perform the "magic" needed to improve your blood sugar levels. You can access the recipe through this link: They’re Tasty, They’re Healthy, They’re Myatt Muffins!

Let me know how it works for you!

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

P.S. You have a GI problem yourself, or so it sounds. You would benefit from a consultation with me about this AND your diabetes. Type II diabetes is almost always curable (yes, I said curable) by dietary means, something you’ll NEVER hear from a conventional doctor!

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