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Iodine And Thyroid – Again…

Written by Wellness Club on July 8, 2009 – 1:58 pm -

There is just no end to the questions we receive on this complicated issue.


Frances writes:

Can Modifilan be taken while taking Armour Thyroid as long as labs are done intermittently?  Thanks, Frances

And Dr. Myatt replies:


ANYONE who needs to be on thyroid should have their iodine levels tested, because low iodine is the primary cause of low thyroid.

You can "treat presumptively" (just take iodine, which you are doing with Modifilan), but the dose you are taking is far too small to correct an iodine deficiency if you have one which again, most people with low thyroid do.

(The thyroid hormones are called T4 and T3. Do you know what the "4" and "3" refer to? The number of molecules of iodine in the hormone).

Here is information about iodine:

Here is information about the iodine test:

You will not overdose on iodine from Modifilan; the iodine dose is too small. But I’m also afraid you won’t get your iodine levels up to "sufficiency" with Modifilan and without proper testing.

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

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