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Thyroid Questions again!

Written by Wellness Club on April 10, 2009 – 10:54 pm -

Thyroid Questions again!

Subtitled "Why we don’t work for free – episode number 687"

By Nurse Mark

The thyroid gland, and hypo/hyper thyroidism are very complicated and are misunderstood even by most doctors. With the wealth of information, misinformation and outright urban legend about thyroid function it is no wonder that this is such a difficult and frustrating and even dangerous area for the do-it-yourself health enthusiast to dabble in!

The endocrine system (the hormone system) is a particular area of interest and specialty for Dr. Myatt as many of her very happy and satisfied patients know. The thyroid is a key player in that whole system, but it does not function in isolation.

We get a lot of endocrine and thyroid questions, and it seems that most people with thyroid concerns are "armed" with at least minimal (and misleading and misunderstood) lab results that they want us to interpret via email and then use to provide them with a detailed plan by which to sort out their problems. Further, they generally want us to do so without their having to incur any further expense. Since they have been to a conventional doctor who has done conventional testing which has not solved the problem we are expected to somehow be able to use their minimal symptom list and the often inappropriate lab testing results done in isolation to conjure up an answer that will solve this medical dilemma (which has obviously stumped their regular doctor or they would not be writing to us for help!) – all at no cost.

Folks, this is asking us to "shoot in the dark" and we just won’t do it – it is not fair to us, and certainly not fair to you!

Just as conventional medicine does not have a "one pill cure" neither does Natural Medicine have a magic "one herb solution" to these very complicated problems. And even with Dr. Myatt’s knowledge and experience, she will never guess or offer "off-the-cuff" recommendations – good health is too important for guesswork!

Further, let’s be very clear about something: "Natural Medicine" is NOT "no cost medicine". We rely on research and science not guesswork and tests, herbs and supplements are not free. (Though they are far less costly than patented prescription drugs!)

Here is a series of emails that went back and forth here recently:

Marilyn wrote to ask:

Does your thyroid cytotrophin contain literally T3 and T4 hormones?  Also, does Maca inhibit the thyroid since it is a cruciferous vegetable and contains glucosinates?  Please let me know as soon as possible.  Thanks so much!

Dr. Myatt took some time out of her schedule to answer Marilyn:

Hi Marilyn:

Cytotrophin does indeed contain T3 and T4, approximately 1/2 grain per tablet in a 1:5 ratio (T3:T4) as is the ratio made by the body. It cannot be listed on the label (or my website!) because then it is considered a drug and not a supplement.

Glucosinolates can cause goiter (swollen thyroid gland with decreased activity) if taken in excess combined with a low-iodine diet. Though this is documented to occur with other glucosinolate-rich foods, it is not known if maca causes goiter.

Anyone who has demonstrated low thyroid function should have an iodine test to determine if iodine deficiency is the cause of their hypothyroidism, but you probably knew that. And of course, if your iodine levels are low, they should be brought up to sufficiency.

Almost a year later Marilyn wrote again to ask:

Dear Dr. Myatt:  I was diagnosed with borderline hyperthyroidism a few months ago because my TSH levels were 0.3 even though I have every symptom of hypothyroidism.  Last month and the months before my basil body temperature has been consistently 97.6.  This month it is 97.  How could it go that low in just one month?  The only thing I’ve been taking is MACA and I’ve been on 5,000 mg for almost a year.  What can I do?  I took the Iodine Patch Test and within 10 hours, the patch was considerably faded.  Please let me know what I can do naturally as I cannot afford to go through more testing.  Please let me know as soon as possible what your opinion is.  Thanks!

Dr. Myatt forwarded this to me with her comments – since she is up to her eyebrows in consultations and research and reports these days:

In addition to needing T3 and T4 (the REAL thyroid hormone numbers), and probably iodine testing, she should stop maca, which is theoretically a possible goitrogen. And why is she taking such a high dose of this to begin with? She needs a consult, at least a brief one…

Please let her know this,
Dr. Myatt

So, Marilyn, here is our opinion, at no cost:

  1. Stop the Maca – you are taking a very large dose and it is a possible goitrogen
  2. Get proper thyroid hormone testing done – not just the TSH which is misleading
  3. Have a proper iodine level test done – including bromide levels which can significantly affect health
  4. Stop worrying about your body temperature – it can be misleading and research shows that lower body temperatures can be a positive factor in longevity
  5. Book a consultation with Dr. Myatt! How long are you going to stumble around in the dark trying to find a no-cost do-it-yourself answer to your serious health issue? Would you go to court without a lawyer? Would you go to an IRS audit without an accountant? Would you build a skyscraper without an architect or a sewage plant without an engineer? Would you drive your car at night with broken headlights or in a rainstorm without windshield wipers?

C’mon folks, there are plenty of things that qualify to be do-it-yourself projects and hobbies. Your health though is too important for you to think that you can fix through on-the-job-training and stumbling from one good idea to the next!

And here are some useful links for you Marilyn:

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Iodine testing – ("Spot" and 24-hour loading) – Including Bromide

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Brief Phone Consultations With Dr. Myatt

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