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Dr. Myatt Talks About Hormones

Written by Wellness Club on April 24, 2015 – 12:36 pm -

By Nurse Mark


Hormones: Essential, important, complicated, confusing. Everybody’s got them, but not necessarily in the right amounts – our hormone levels are a very delicate balance. They tend to decline and become unbalanced as we age, though it doesn’t have to be so.

It seems everyone wants to know more about hormones: how to keep them healthy, how to correct imbalances, how to replace hormones lost to age.

We were at an event a few weeks ago and as always the subject of conversation turned to health, and because Dr. Myatt was chatting with several women, the subject quickly turned to hormones and health. (as I was sitting there I noticed a lot of men listening in on the conversation too!)

Keeping a promise to send further information to one gal who was especially interested, Dr. Myatt sent the following email. See if it doesn’t help you understand hormones a little better too:

Thoughts on Hormones
You were interested in "hormones," but this is a broad term (all puns intended) and if I know specifically what your questions are, I can do a better  job of answering them. But I’ll make a guess just in case.

Many people feel that maintaining hormone balance AND a bit higher levels of hormones as we age may have a longevity and health benefit. There is substantial research to validate this opinion and I for one use and recommend supplemental hormones. So did conventional medicine for several decades until the The Women’s Health Study showed higher rates of breast cancer among hormone users. So many women stopped taking them.

Ah, but here’s "the rest of the story." (Since many of us know that Lame-stream media doesn’t do a good job of anything akin to actual journalism any more).

Estradiol, the most potent female estrogen AND the one prescribed in conventional medicine is not associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. However, when used alone, it is associated with an increase of uterine cancer. This is called "unopposed estrogen" and it is not how the female body produces hormones so it is little surprise that this use of a single hormone causes problems.

So in the Women’s Health Initiative Study, a progestin (synthetic progesterone) was added to estrogen. The combination cause a significant increase (24%) in breast cancer and more aggressive forms of breast cancer. This was reported as "estrogen causes breast cancer," a far cry from what the data showed. What actually raised breast cancer rates was the addition of a non-bioidentical progestin, a molecule that does not duplicate the progesterone a woman’s body naturally makes.

On the "natural side," no large studies like the Women’s Health Initiative have been done to confirm the safety and effectiveness of bio-identical hormone replacement although there is data to suggest that it is a whole different ball game. But if you’ve read Suzanne Sommer’s book or similar, the benefits might be over-stated.

DHEA, a sex-hormone precursor made by the adrenal glands, has quite a bit of study which shows that declining levels with age are associated with declining memory, strength, immune response and more. Progesterone is usually the first female hormone to decline at menopause and those lower levels are associated with diminished bone strength,  insomnia, hair loss, mood swings. The natural "bio-identical" form of progesterone has never been shown to cause problems like synthetic progestins cause. And sometimes estradiol or the weaker estrogen, estriol, can help with hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

I always perform a hormone test before initiating hormone treatment. Why would anyone want to shoot in the dark if they can turn on the light?

Now that I’ve expounded on hormones, what specifically are you wanting to know about? This is a favorite interest of mine because
I believe good hormone balance is important to overall health. Do you have any specific symptoms and you are wondering if hormones
might safely help?

Wow – there you have it: woman to woman advice and information about female hormone replacement.

Fellas, did you know that Dr. Myatt is also expert in sorting out male hormones too? There is just as much mis-information and fear-mongering surrounding male hormone replacement as there is surrounding women’s hormone replacement.

Why trust your hormone health to a conventional doctor handing out conventional cookie-cutter prescriptions for one-size-fits-all synthetic drugs when there are experts like Dr. Myatt available to help you find your perfect hormone balance and subsequent best health?

Dr. Myatt is available very inexpensively for Brief Telephone Consultations and can design a Bio-Identical Hormone Program specifically for you.

Learn More about Dr. Myatt’s Brief Consultation process here:

And learn more about bio-identical hormone replacement and Dr. Myatt’s Bio-Identical Hormone Programs here:

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