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Pig Flu – This Year’s Pandemic?

Written by Wellness Club on August 6, 2012 – 11:37 am -

By Nurse Mark and The Wellness Club Research Team


Briefly, this past weekend, it looked as though it was “that time of the year again” when the Centers for Disease Control (the CDC) kicks off it’s annual propaganda advertising “public awareness” campaign on behalf of Big Pharma to promote this year’s influenza vaccines.

They tried valiantly to warn us that a spike in cases of influenza has been noted, with clusters of illnesses being seen in the Midwest, especially amongst people who may have attended state fairs and agricultural shows. This led researchers at the CDC to postulate that animals might be involved, and to then leap to the conclusion that it must certainly be a new and improved form of the “swine flu” that somehow failed to achieve “deadly epidemic” status a few years ago.

It was not to be however.

It seems that a variety of far more interesting news is overshadowing the CDC’s efforts to generate panic concern over the possibility that a variant of swine flu might be making the rounds this year. Perhaps the CDC will catch a break and be able to resume it’s efforts to promote Big Pharma’s vaccines when there is a lull in the news – after all, one of the most basic rules for our fourth estate (the press) is “if it bleeds, it leads!” and so far no-one has been seriously sickened by this latest flu. Perhaps someone unfortunate to have other serious health conditions that place them at higher risk will succumb, giving the CDC and Big Pharma an exploitable tragedy that will beat out the mass shootings, political bickering, economic woes, nuclear worries, and even mars landings that are currently far more attention-getting.

Even so, our researchers here at The Wellness Club have been and will continue to be hard at work on this issue on your behalf. Our team has been scouring the country, seeking clues to help us to better understand illnesses such as this. We hope that with increased understanding will come an improved ability to prevent and treat future outbreaks of these frightening illnesses.

One of the more perplexing questions with regard to this outbreak concerns it’s origins – for while we are told that some cases have been from Indiana and Ohio there is still the question of how this virus managed to make the jump from the animals that it usually infects to humans, who are not normally bothered much by animal diseases. Many theories have been postulated, and our research team has diligently examined them all: mutations of common viruses, man-made viruses, experimental release of weaponized viruses, lab accidents, contaminants arriving from outer space in UFOs, all these possibilities have been looked at here.

In the course of all this research our team has uncovered compelling evidence, even proof, some team members believe, that we have found what may be “Ground-Zero” for this outbreak. Indeed, one of our most dedicated research associates has been able to provide us with photographic evidence that seems to us to be irrefutable.

Since we doubt that the press will be very likely to perform the public service of keeping you informed by passing along this photograph, we are presenting it here. Please be warned, this is a graphic image, and may not be suitable for those possessed of a weak stomach…

Please scroll down to view the evidence of swine flu transmission from animal to human.

Photographic evidence demonstrating the dangers of uncontrolled and unmonitored interaction between humans and farm animals – shocking!

Pig Flu   This Years Pandemic?

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