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Keep Your Kids Safe From The “Mystery Virus”

Written by Wellness Club on September 19, 2014 – 11:06 am -

By Nurse Mark


It’s like something out of a science fiction horror movie; scenes out of every parent or grandparent’s worst nightmares. An illness that seems to strike only children. Immunization status makes no difference to it; it doesn’t seem to matter if kids have been given every possible vaccination. Antibiotics are useless; it’s a virus, and so it laughs at mere antibiotics. There is no known antiviral treatment available to conventional doctors. There is no protective vaccine.

It has struck down children in a dozen states so far and appears to be spreading – though the government is being tight-lipped about it, no doubt hoping to prevent panic. It has sickened a thousand or more children so far, and of those, nearly a third have been sick enough to spend time in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Fortunately, none have died – yet.

The headlines are screaming about ‘mystery virus” but it’s really not a mystery. It is an enterovirus called EV-D68 that has been around since the 1960’s. It used to be that it caused a relatively minor cold or “stomach flu” that your probably caused mother and mine to keep us home from school with for a day or two but that was otherwise annoying but relatively harmless.

All that has now changed – it is making kids very, very sick.

Why has this once relatively benign virus suddenly turned potentially deadly? Who knows. Perhaps it has mutated. Perhaps in our obsession to live sterile, and pathogen-free in every way we have lost our ability to deal with it. In the end, to use Hillary Clinton’s words, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Well, to the kids affected, or who might become infected, it is a big deal – and while it may not make any difference to someone sickened with EV-D68 just how this virus managed to get so virulent and nasty, it does make a difference that modern conventional medicine seems quite powerless to do much of anything about it.

Their best advice so far is frequent hand-washing and avoiding people who are obviously sick. Oh, and there’s always the intensive care unit for the unlucky third of kids who get hit hard… But there are no drugs, no magic, miraculous, heroic Big Pharma salvation.

So, what is a parent to do? Hide your kids at home until it all goes away? Send them off to school and be worried sick that they’ll be the next victim to end up in an ICU bed? Make them wear a mask and gloves in public? (Yeah, right – like that’s going to happen!)

Natural medicine doesn’t have a magical, miraculous cure either – sorry to disappoint you.

But we do have some suggestions that can help equip kids to better resist this nasty virus.

Let’s start by helping your kids to have a strong immune system – that’s pretty easy.

We’ll start with sleep: kids need a solid 8 to 12 hours of quality sleep – no lights (even night-lights), no beeping smartphones, no violent videogames before bed, just a quiet, dark, comfortable bed in a room with fresh air and no distractions. Figure out what time “get-up time” is in the morning and work back from there to set bedtime. Most kids will grumble and complain bitterly about the “unfairness” of it all, but without that sleep time immune systems become weakened and stressed. Try a little lavender oil – a drop or two on the pillow. It’s an old nurse’s trick to promote relaxation and sleep… For older kids, perhaps Lavella.

We are what we eat – the ancient wisdom is so true. Your kid probably didn’t get enough sleep, despite your best efforts. Then that same kid is going to climb into a metal tube called a school bus with some 60 or more other kids, and be transported to a school where they will rotate in and out of classrooms where they will sit in close confinement with thirty or so kids… and share a crowded cafeteria at lunchtime and more classroom confinement through the afternoon… until they get back onto that sardine can of a school bus for the ride home. What perfect conditions for the spreading of germs and viruses, right?

So, why would you allow them to actively suppress their immunity first thing each morning and several times each day?

Let’s face it – breakfast is probably a big glass of orange juice or other sugary “breakfast drink”, another big glass of milk (skim, of course, which has more sugar than whole milk), and a bowl of sweetened cereal or some sort of toaster pancakes or waffles or even (shudder) Pop Tarts… or the toast and jam: let’s not even go there, OK? Pure carbohydrate, with the added bonus of gluten to mess with those developing minds… (you didn’t read our article Gluten and Casein, The Modern Poisons In Your Diet? Please take a moment to do so now…)

Enough sugar to shut down a kid’s immune system for hours.

Then, because all that sugar is going to wear off around mid-morning, leaving the poor kid sleepy and cranky, there will be a snack break for some more “fruit juice” and probably some kind of “energy bar” or maybe a granola bar or pudding cup.

More immune paralyzing sugar…

Then the school lunch – usually a high-carb affair with yet more “fruit juice”, skim milk, and sugary fruits.

And a sugary mid afternoon snack, “for energy”… or worse, a sugary “sports drink” or sugar, chemical and caffeine-filled “energy drink.”

Remember, each blast of sugar suppresses immunity for up to 3 hours…

And back onto the school bus for home.

Why not start the day with a good high-protein, low carb breakfast that will see them through the morning without having to resort to a “granola bar” or worse, a candy bar (which is all that many “granola bars” and “energy bars” really are anyway.) Eggs, meat, cheese, low-carb fruits and vegetables… These will help to preserve immunity and also prevent that mid-morning “crash” that has kids looking for a sugar hit.

OK, so you don’t have time to prepare an eggs and meat breakfast for anyone – should you just give up and let your kid eat Pop-Tarts or Eggo Waffles?

How about a quick, delicious, healthy, high-protein, low cab milkshake that you can make in minutes and be sure that your kids will love. Dr. Myatt’s SuperShake is perfect as a meal replacement anytime and is an ideal breakfast choice for busy families.

Lunch and dinner should be the same – high protein, low-carb, and very, very low on the sugars.

For an energy drink that you can feel good about, and that your kids will like too, try ZipFizz in a variety of flavors. It adds quickly to bottled water, it’s fizzy, it tastes great, it’s high in electrolytes and vitamins – including B-12 and potassium for energy, and it has zero sugar. And it’s “cool” – kids like it!

OK, enough about diet already – what else can you do to virus-proof my kids?

Well, let’s look at one of the government’s recommendations – frequent hand washing. Like that’s going to happen during a busy school day, right? So you send your kid off with some “hand sanitizer” Not a bad idea – except that most of the popular hand sanitizers have some serious problems…

If you haven’t read our expose on hand sanitizers, please take a moment to do so now:  HealthBeat News: Poisoned With Good Intentions

Our Silver Gel Hand Sanitizer contains none of the alcohol, perfumes, colors, or pesticide chemicals of most conventional sanitizers, and it is highly effective. Not only that, it’s different, it’s silver, and it might just carry a “cool” factor that could encourage your kids to use it. Oh, and by the way – this stuff is useful against the bane of every teenager, the dreaded zits. A little dab on the nasty spot will help it to heal quicker…

Colloidal silver has a long and proud history as an antimicrobial effective against most bacteria and viruses. Are we claiming it to be an effective treatment against the enterovirus called EV-D68? No, we can’t. There is no scientific evidence specifically stating that it is effective against this particular virus. That is because nobody has done a scientific, medically valid study. Why is that? It’s because studies like that cost a lot of money, and usually only the ultra-wealthy drug companies can afford them. Since silver cannot be patented there is no profit in it for Big Pharma – so no money for studies.

But given colloidal silver’s effectiveness against so many other bugs, bacteria, and viruses and silver’s low potential for toxicity, it is well worth having this product in your natural medicine cupboard. Please read more here:  HealthBeat News: Is There A Silver Bullet?

In addition to the liquid colloidal silver for immune enhancement and for use during infections, there is Colloidal Silver Vertical Spray – intended for use as a “nasal spray” to help support healthy nasal passages and sinuses – where enteroviruses like EV-D68 like to gain a foothold…

Despite your best efforts, your kids probably don’t get a full, optimal range of essential vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals each day. Why not consider Children’s Vitamins for your younger kiddies, and Dr. Myatt’s Maxi Multi for your young adults? For the “young adults” crowd who might find taking vitamins to school to take at lunchtime to be “uncool” or whose schools might frown upon “unidentified pills” Maxi Multi can also be taken twice daily, at breakfast and dinner, if necessary.

Dr. Myatt’s Immune Support capsules can also help to fortify young immune systems.

Adult doses of most things are a bit much for smaller kids, so here is where you can find Dr. Myatt’s dosing guidelines that you can use to calculate appropriate dosing for smaller kids:

So, there you have some basic ideas for giving your kids a shot at avoiding the “mystery virus”, enterovirus EV-D68 . Big Medicine and Big Pharma are wringing their hands helplessly over this, so it’s up to you!

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