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I’m Not Afraid Of Cancer Any More!

Written by Wellness Club on August 5, 2009 – 6:51 pm -

Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark have just returned from a 3-week tour of the western states where they saw patients (making “The Ultimate HouseCall”) and spoke and taught at the fifth annual NW Herb Fest in Eugene, Oregon on a variety of subjects, including cancer. Her lectures were enthusiastically received – one participant approached Dr. Myatt at the end of the conference to say “After hearing you speak this weekend I’m not afraid of cancer any more!”

Dr. Myatt’s lectures included:

  • The Urgent Care Herbalist: Where she discussed how with a small but powerful collection of herbal remedies, an herbalist can deal with medical “urgencies” from heart attack and hemorrhage to food poisoning, diarrhea, abdominal pain (even when the cause is unknown), anxiety attacks and more.
  • The Urgent Care Herbalist, Part II: Where she taught participants how to treat everything from pneumonia and upper respiratory infections to lymphadenitis, external infections, poisonous bites (including brown recluse spider bites), moderate to severe intestinal distress (infection, N/V, diarrhea, colic); kidney stones and gallbladder attacks and more. She taught the preparation and use of mustard plasters, charcoal poultices, castor oil packs, and essential oil inhalants. Corresponding internal herbal treatments include cayenne/lobelia, kava kava, bromelain, goldenseal, peppermint and more.
  • Botanical Prevention & Adjuvant Treatment of Malignancy: Dr. Myatt taught the underlying mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression, and discussed which herbs are the most important and powerful allies in treatment of this challenging disease. The talk included dietary intervention using common foods and herbs.
  • Black Salve Intensive: Dr. Myatt taught this 3 hour intensive class on Sunday night, discussing how the “Black salve,” consisting of a variety of botanical substances, has been used successfully in the treatment of melanoma and other external and internal cancers.
  • For those unable to be in attendance at the NW HerbFest, Dr. Myatt is making much of this information available online: information for those attending the Black Salve Intensive has been placed on the Wellness Club website and there is more to come – so stay tuned! For those who were there, Dr. Myatt is looking forward to seeing you again next year – so be sure to ask the Herb Fest organizers to have Dr. Myatt lecture about your favorite subject then!

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