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How To Stay Healthy For The Holidays

Written by Wellness Club on November 23, 2012 – 3:24 pm -

How To Stay Healthy For The Holidays


By Nurse Mark


We get questions like this every year around the holidays – most folks intuitively know that they are increased risk for catching “cooties” over the holiday season – with all the crowds, traveling and stress.

Here is the question:

Q: Is there anything specific someone could take to help prevent catching a virus while flying on a plane.  I leave Friday for the holidays to spend with my family and I will be on the plane for about 10 hours going from a warm climate to freezing temperatures.  What can help keep me healthy?

And here are Dr. Myatt’s suggestions:

A: Wow! Ten hours on a plane! You probably know most of the drill… be really well-rested before your flight, avoid caffeine and alcohol while traveling, drink plenty of pure water, get up and stretch frequently, wash hands ~VERY~ frequently (remember, all those things that you touch in the terminal and aircraft have also been touched by a gazillion other people!). I have seen some people even wearing paper masks while in public areas and on aircraft (very common in Japan too) but really, most of these bugs are transmitted by hand contact. Be sure to eat high-protein meals and avoid sugars, fruit juices and simple carbs. Protein keeps the immune system strong, sugars and simple carbs suppress the immune system.

Now to some specifics – you will hopefully have all of this on hand…

  • In addition to your regular daily MaxiMulti (you are taking 3 caps, 3 times daily, right?) you should take an extra 1000 mcg of selenium daily for a couple of days before you leave and have it on hand to take a similar dose for a few days if you suspect that you might be coming down with something.
  • Bromelain, 400 mg of 2400 GDU, one capsule three times daily between meals will help your immune system better resist any bugs, and will also help to prevent blood clots that can form while sitting immobile for a long time on the plane.
  • Dr. Myatt’s Immune System Support – one capsule two times daily, and may increase to 2 caps three times daily for additional support if the immune system is under stress (like when traveling)
  • Echinacea & Goldenseal tincture is a classic herbal immune formula. Dr. Myatt has the most potent available.

Now, if the above doesn’t keep you from catching something, your herbal “first aid kit” should contain:

These, taken AT THE VERY FIRST HINT OF A COLD OR FLU can be a big help to your body and can help to lessen the severity and possibly even the duration of the infection.

Additionally, for nasal and chest congestion you can use Baar Herbal Breathing inhalant formula – formerly known as Inspirol inhalant; 4 to 6 times per day. Inspirol was a tried-and-true favorite for many Wellness Club members, but is no longer available. Dr. Myatt has found Baar Herbal Breathing formula to be every bit as good – maybe even better!

Have a great trip, and a wonderful holiday.

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