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Do Vitamins Really Make Any Difference?

Written by Wellness Club on April 2, 2009 – 4:29 am -

Lots of conventional (allopathic) docs, and certainly Big Pharma and the Mighty FDA will tell you that there is no need for what we call optimal dose multiple vitamins – indeed they’ll tell you that vitamin supplements are "useless", "dangerous", "not necessary when you can get all the vitamins you need from your diet", and "a waste of money" that will "just give you expensive urine!"

That’s OK – we know we’ll never convince them, since their minds are made up – there is no way we’ll confuse them with mere scientific fact… But every now and again we get an unsolicited note or letter from someone who has discovered the worth of optimal dose vitamins and wants to share their happiness and success with us.


We thought we would share this woman’s happiness with you too…

Dear Dr. Myatt:

Just two years ago, (age 57), I was running, tripped over my dog, and smashed my collar bone.  For the first three months the collar bone did nothing toward healing.  After another month, I had a surgery to immobilize the bone.  Another month, and still no real progress toward healing, and the screws and plate had worked loose. When the doctor showed me the x-rays, I suggested in exasperation that maybe twist ties would work better than plates and screws.  He said he was thinking along those same lines, and would use sutures to keep the bone in place. During this time I did research on bone health and nutrition, and ordered every vitamin and mineral suggested for bone health.  The vitamins and minerals* came in the week after my second surgery.  There were many variables here, including bone graft plugs for the old screw holes, the nutritional supplements, more effort to stay immobile for a week or two after the surgery, and the sutures holding the bone ends in place.  But within the next few weeks, we could actually see healing taking place, and in another few months, the bone was set and stable, and I was released.  In a few months, I was at the dentist, and the hygienist persuaded me to take some dental x-rays just to gauge the (natural) bone loss.  Rather than losing bone, as expected, the bone had had actually built up around my teeth from the last x-ray a year or two earlier.  Then I noticed two photographs.  The first was taken just a few weeks after my accident, and I had been dismayed that my previously pearly whites were looking almost translucent, giving a beigy-gray appearance to my teeth.  The one taken more recently showed that my teeth had returned to a whiter color.  The teeth told me that the difference was actually related to nutritional supplementation rather than to the exercise/immobility factors or the surgical repair or graft factors.

I recently tripped over a loose rug on a stair, and fell, severely bruising my arm and skinning my knee.  It was very painful, but there was no hint of a bone fracture.

*The vitamins and minerals were calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus, strontium citrate, boron, vitamin K, zinc, copper, vitamin C, and a regular multi-vitamin. I was also eating a balanced diet and using topical natural progesterone cream.

I was not exercising very much because of the severity of the break.

I thought you might appreciate the anecdotal information.  While not a controlled scientific study, it could support your work on nutrition and other alternative treatments for bone loss – or gain!

Anne M

Yup, we here at the Wellness Club know only too well that without the basic raw materials, the body cannot repair itself. Like baking a cake, if you are short just one ingredient it won’t come out right!

So, here is what Dr. Myatt had to say to Anne:

Hi Anne:

Thanks for the great report!

Say, you might be working too hard on your bone-building protocol.

My Maxi Multi’s have the full daily dose of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, boron, vitamin K, zinc, copper, vitamin C, and the rest of a good multiple vitamin-mineral all in one convenient formula. Check out the doses of bone-building nutrients; they are "right up there" with what you are probably taking as a bunch of separate things.

Maxi Multi’s plus strontium makes an excellent foundation for a bone-restorative program.

That extra progesterone is a good idea, too, especially if you have not had your hormones tested in order to make a more precise determination of natural hormone needs.

Here’s the link to Maxi Multis:

Again, congrats on your health success and thanks for the testimonial for natural remedies!

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

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