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Can Herbs In Vitamins Increase Cholesterol?

Written by Wellness Club on March 20, 2008 – 4:25 pm -

By Nurse Mark

A customer recently called to say that he had been to his doctor and been told that his cholesterol was elevated. Lynn mentioned to his doc that he was taking a multiple vitamin (not Maxi Multi) that contained some herbs, and that his doctor reacted to this by telling him to stop taking the vitamin, claiming that the herbs were to blame for the increased cholesterol levels. As a result, Lynn was switching over to Maxi Multi since there are no herbs in our formula. His question was whether his doctor could be right about some herbs causing cholesterol levels to rise.

Well, the short answer to that question is NO! There are no “herbs” that we know of which can increase cholesterol levels – especially in the amounts that they might be found in a multiple vitamin formula.

This is yet another unfortunate example of a doctor reacting reflexively to something that he / she doesn’t understand or know about. A classic example of the “expensive urine” attitude that Big Medicine takes toward vitamins.
[As an aside, Dr. Myatt's mother went to see her doctor for her obligatory annual exam a while back. She told the doc about her vitamin use and was similarly told that "those vitamins will only give you expensive urine." Later, the doctor was forced to admit that Dr. Myatt's mom was in fine shape "for a woman of her age" - to which mom replied "well it must be all that "expensive urine!""]
These doctors are essentially saying “I don’t know anything about this, and I cannot be bothered to learn, so just don’t do it – that way I won’t have to deal with it!”

Certainly, using Maxi Multi’s as recommended is likely to improve cholesterol levels since there are optimal amounts of calcium, magnesium, chromium, B-complex vitamins, bioflavonoids, and of course, niacin – the only cholesterol-lowering agent proven to reduce mortality. Lynn is definitely on the right track by switching over to Maxi Multi’s!

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