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B.A.M. and Immune Boost Limited Availability

Written by Wellness Club on August 19, 2010 – 2:18 pm -

B.A.M. and Immune Boost Will Be Available In Limited Quantities


Many of our regular customers have been calling to ask what’s going on with Dr. Myatt’s B.A.M. and Dr. Myatt’s Immune Boost formulas. They have noticed that the “Buy Now” button is no longer available on the product description page for these products, and they have been removed from the Natural Pharmacy page.

Here’s what happened:

As regular readers know, the natural supplement industry (that’s us…) is under relentless pressure from the FDA, directed by their masters in Big Pharma.

They have discovered that obvious attacks on supplements often backfire when the public (that’s you…) get’s wind of them and objects.

So, they use the many other tools at their disposal to harass and frustrate and just generally make life miserable for anyone wanting to sell natural (non-drug company) remedies.

In the case of these formulas, the FDA is now requiring the manufacturer to perform more extensive testing of each batch – with all the mountains of paperwork that go along with that.

Now, more stringent testing of supplements is not necessarily a bad thing, and we are not really opposed to that even though these products have always met the most stringent standards possible for purity and potency – Dr. Myatt’s standards! As we’ve written before, Dr. Myatt is known as “The Dragon Lady” in the supplement industry because of her strict and unyielding quality standards, and nobody, but nobody messes with “The Dragon Lady!”

No, stringent testing of supplements is fine by us.

The problem is, all this testing and paperwork comes at a price. and the manufacturer of our formulas gave us a choice: we could either continue to order these products in our customary smaller lots (to ensure that we always have the freshest possible products for you) and pay a significantly higher price, or order in much larger quantities – in which case the price increase would not be so great.

Since Dr. Myatt hates to have to increase prices she reluctantly made the decision to not stock these – but to wait until there was sufficient demand for them to allow her to order the larger quantities, thus shielding our customers from these price increases as much as possible.

The time has come now that we are receiving enough requests for these and we are considering placing our order.

For those who would like to replenish their supplies of these great formulas, now is the time to let us know how many of each you would like to reserve.

When you are thinking about how many to order please remember that 1.) these are top quality tinctures and have a great “shelf-life” and, 2.) you may want to order a few since it may be a while before we place our next order for these products.

So, please call or email us to tell us how many of each of these to reserve for you – Dr. Myatt would like to be these items available for you in September so you must let us know your wishes soon!

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