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An Interlude Of The Arts: Cine Culture Of France

Written by Wellness Club on October 17, 2013 – 4:20 pm -

The French are well-known for their film-making skills. They are able to express emotion, pathos, and the pain of a banal existence perhaps better than any other culture. Their films are particularly evocative and poignant, often drawing the viewer in and causing the very soul to experience the suffering and anguish of the actors. Even though we may not speak the language of the actors the French are gracious enough to give us simple dialogue and effective subtitles so that we may better understand the complexities and subtle nuances of the actors interactions and expressions.

In the spirit of offering a small cultural gift from our friends from France, we present the following short film – a brief glimpse into the fine art that the French gift the world with. Although only a couple of minutes in length it displays a depth of emotion and is sure to leave you deeply moved.


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