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Ambien Dangers – Maybe We’re Right After All?

Written by Wellness Club on October 28, 2013 – 11:57 am -

By Nurse Mark


We have been preaching the dangers of Ambien and all the other “Z-drug” sleeping pills for some time now, despite the feeling that our warnings have been falling largely on deaf ears.

When will Americans “wake up” to the problems that these drugs are causing? (all puns intended!)

Well, it seems that maybe, just maybe, the “mainstream media” might be noticing the problems and dangers of these drugs too.

A recent article in MSN “Healthy Living” titled “Ambien: Worth the few extra zzz’s?” author Melinda Wenner Moyer reviews many of the cautions that we have written about in previous HealthBeat News articles.

Moyer notes the “Zombie Effect” of sleep-walking, sleep-eating, sleep-driving, and other even more bizzare behaviors during sleep with no memory following, the increased risk of developing cancer and increased risks of death from all causes, and the disproportionately greater effects and risks for women, and finally notes that for all these risks users only manage to fall asleep some 13 to 17 minutes faster and only get about 11 to 32 more minutes of sleep in a night.

But hey – where’s your sense of adventure? Think of all the excitement you could be missing out on if you don’t use these drugs – even if you don’t remember any of it the next day…


MSN “Healthy Living” article: “Ambien: Worth the few extra zzz’s?”

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