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Potassium Iodide – Protect Your Thyroid From Nuclear Fallout

Written by Wellness Club on April 2, 2013 – 12:02 pm -

When Children Play With Matches…


Update: April 12, 2013

US Government confirms “North Korea now has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles.” The Defense Intelligence Agency report goes on to say “DIA assess with moderate confidence the North currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles. However, the reliability will be low.”

Hmmm… they say they are pretty sure that the North Koreans can hit us with nukes as they have promised to do, but that their missiles aren’t reliable.

It used to be that they didn’t have missiles capable of reaching the mainland of the USA, but now apparently they do – they just aren’t all that “reliable.” So, does that mean they could fall short, or that their aim could be off? Could they shoot for Los Angeles and hit Portland? Either way, remember, our winds tend to travel from west to east…


By Nurse Mark


Radiation worries… Again.


Having been subjected to the macabre annual spectacle of bellicose saber-rattling, posturing and threats from a petulant and perpetually angrily offended North Korea over the last few weeks, with the predictable “show-of-force” response by the US military, we are only left to hope that the post-adolescent “Dear Leader’ will not allow himself to be worked up into such a frenzy that he does something very foolish, and , if he does do something terribly foolish that the rest of the world will not respond in kind – that is, foolishly.

After all, we all drink the same water and breathe the same air eventually.

Even North Korea’s long-time friend and protector China is showing signs of alarm at the antics of the well-fed rulers of this starving but nuclear-armed state.

Now instead of threatening to immediately lob nuclear-tipped missiles at the US west coast and Texas the regime has announced it’s intention to re-activate a broken-down Cold War-era nuclear reactor in a bid to make more plutonium so they can build more bombs. The mothballed reactor at the Yongbyon nuclear plant was shut down many years ago because it was obsolete and not working properly; it’s Soviet scientists and technicians went home and it’s cooling tower was demolished – an appropriate move since it was malfunctioning and beyond repair anyway.

So, let’s see: a dangerously obsolete, malfunctioning, incomplete nuclear reactor, long inoperative and “mothballed’, being forced back into service by a regime hell-bent on having a nuclear arsenal with which to hold the world ransom. What could possibly go wrong?

This causes me to think of a child playing with matches – which might not be so bad on it’s own, but my mental image is of a child playing with matches in the middle of a fireworks factory, next door to an oil refinery. This is something with the potential to not end happily or well…

Like the child playing with matches, I don’t think North Korea really wants to hurt itself – but accidents happen.

Nuclear accidents.

As we saw with the Fukushima disaster in 2011, nuclear accidents a half a world away affect us here. After all, we all drink the same water and breathe the same air eventually. Fukushima showed us very clearly that global wind and water currents will bring those poisons to us soon enough.

During the Fukushima disaster people around the world wisely stocked up on thyroid-protective Potassium Iodide or “anti-radiation pills” as they are sometimes erroneously called. So many stocked up that supplies ran low and panic buying ensued, with price gouging by unscrupulous sellers. We refused to raise our prices here at The Wellness Club and we did our best to maintain supplies for our customers – though we did sell out eventually. Should there be another nuclear accident we are now re-stocked and we will hold our prices as before. But my suggestion is that if you were not able to lay in a supply of this thyroid-protective supplement before, please consider obtaining your supply now, before something bad happens.

If you did obtain your Potassium Iodide and have some on hand good for you – store it carefully (away from heat and humidity) and it will keep almost forever – it is a mineral after all and doesn’t really go bad no matter what the “expiry date” on the package says. Similarly, if you want to get a supply now to have on hand “just in case” you can do so without worrying that it will somehow “expire’ and your money will be wasted. Minerals like potassium, iodide, sodium, and the like are, well, minerals – they don’t go “bad” over time.

Please click here to learn more about Potassium Iodide and it’s ability to protect your thyroid gland from the effects of radioactive fallout from a nuclear disaster.

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And let’s all pray for maturity, wisdom, and tolerance on the Korean peninsula so that no one feels compelled to ‘push the button”!

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