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Nuclear News Updates

Written by Wellness Club on June 29, 2011 – 6:55 pm -

Nuclear News Updates:


You can run, but you can’t hide – and sticking your head in the sand to pretend that “it won’t happen to me” is no answer either!


Fukushima, the stricken, core-melted-down nuclear disaster now acknowledged to be worse than Chernobyl has faded from the attention of the media – apparently the shenanigans of movie stars and the sordid details of gruesome murder trials are far more important that the health and safety of Americans…

Still, despite being snubbed by the media Fukushima continues to be a threat to the health and safety of all Americans. And for those who think that all these dire warnings of nuclear danger are thousands of miles from us, we have news for you: we have nuclear problems – disasters in the making – unfolding right here in the USA today.

Here are some examples:


Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory – the once-secret laboratory where atomic bombs were developed and where supplies of radioactive materials and waste still reside – is threatened by a massive wildfire. The city of Los Alamos has been evacuated and fires have spread to the property of the nuclear laboratory itself. Our government officials are nervously issuing proclamations that all is well and we have nothing to be concerned about. Yep, I feel better already – thanks!

Nuclear power plants in Nebraska are at risk at this moment from rising floodwaters: Ft. Calhoun has been seriously threatened by floodwaters and was reportedly operating on diesel generator power because floodwaters  had leaked into the plant and damaged electrical transformers that normally power their safety and control systems. The nearby Cooper Nuclear Power Plant is reportedly in less danger – just as long as the floodwaters don’t rise…

There are some 104 nuclear reactors scattered across the United States – and who-knows-how-many “other” nuclear facilities, laboratories, secret installations, and what-have-you. Many of the reactors are old, getting tired, and use old and fragile technology in their operating and safety systems. Pipes and cooling tubes are corroded and cracking. Electrical cables are aging and failing. Valves intended to contain radioactive steam are leaking.

Many of these nuclear plants are a disaster just waiting to happen – what will it take? A flood, An earthquake, a wildfire, a terrorist?

When the Fukushima disaster first began to unfold we asked people to review the articles that we had written years previously detailing how to protect themselves and their families – articles that had pretty much fallen on deaf ears at the time.

We have continued to urge our readers to take measures to be prepared to protect themselves and their families.

Within a week of the first news of the Fukushima disaster supplies of Potassium Iodide were sold out and almost unobtainable in the United States – except at The Wellness Club where we refused to raise our prices as many others did and where we worked day and night with our suppliers to make sure our customers could obtain supplies.

The dangers from Fukushima have not gone away or even lessened:

  • Within 2 weeks tap water in Tokyo was contaminated with radiation;
  • In little more than 2 weeks after the disaster radioactive iodine particles were being detected in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • In less than 3 weeks radiation was being detected in as many as 15 major U.S.  cities
  • A scant few days later Iodine 131 was found in drinking water in Philadelphia, Chattanooga, Trenton, and other cities.
  • Within a month of the disaster milk from one coast of the U.S. to the other was found to be contaminated with radiation, including radioactive iodine – And those who have read our previous articles on this subject are well aware of the danger this substance poses to children!
  • Nuclear officials are monitoring the spread of radiation contamination and fallout that they now admit has gone world-wide.

At The Wellness Club we will continue to make emergency supplies of thyroid-protective Potassium Iodide available as inexpensively as we can. We recommend that every person have available to them enough to protect them in the event of a local disaster. You can obtain emergency packs of Potassium Iodide here: buy just what you need and no more for an emergency supply for one person or many. No phony requirements to purchase “wholesale quantities” or other gimmicks.

But, there is a better way to protect yourself and your family.

A thyroid gland that is not deficient in iodine is not at risk for taking up radioactive iodine. Yes, it really is as simple as that – and as complicated, because so many Americans are deficient in this vital mineral.

How can you know your iodine status?

Easy – test for it!

Dr. Myatt offers two iodine tests:

  • A comprehensive Iodine Test, which includes a “spot test” which evaluates current levels of iodine in the body, plus a 24-hour loading test which evaluates whole body sufficiency following a dose of 50mg of iodine. This test now includes bromide, a mineral which can interfere with the absorption of iodine AND give a “false normal” iodine reading.
  • A Iodine urine spot test – An economical alternative to Comprehensive Iodine Testing, this test detects iodine deficiency and provides a baseline to iodine sufficiency and replenishment therapy. This test requires only a bit of urine dried on a test strip – it is fast and easy!

Use the results of either of these tests to manage your iodine replenishment therapy: it is unwise to supplement large doses of iodine without this knowledge since too much iodine can suppress thyroid function.

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