Our Team


Our Team


Dana Myatt, N.M.D.

Dr. Myatt has been in holistic family medical practice for longer than she cares to admit (nearly two decades). She has a loyal following acquired from her world-wide medical practice, speaking at medical and other conferences, appearances on radio and TV and of course, her writing in HealthBeat News and elsewhere.

In today’s climate of Drug-sponsored misinformation, aided and abetted by Big Government and a lop-sided "entertainment media," many people find Dr. Myatt’s frank, funny and outspoken medical advice a breath of fresh and informative air.

Our Team


Mark Ziemann, R.N.

Known to his patients as "Nurse Mark," Ziemann has been in conventional medical nursing practice for over twenty years and in holistic medical practice for nearly six years.

Trained in Canada, Nurse Mark is all too familiar with the pitfalls and failings of socialized medicine and its reliance on drugs and surgery. Seeing that Americans are swiftly losing their health freedoms, he is more than happy to speak out against the encroachments of Big Pharma and Big Medicine as they seek to marginalize and eliminate access to alternative healthcare.


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