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Nuclear Disaster Still In The News

Written by Wellness Club on April 7, 2011 – 4:32 pm -

Nuclear Disaster Still In The News


By Nurse Mark


Unless you have been living in a cave or are just waking up from a coma you’re well aware that the nuclear situation in Japan is not improving. The daily news reports aren’t just “not reassuring”, they’re downright frightening – releases of radioactivity into the air, the soil, and the water, and yet more seismic activity and aftershocks are reported to have shaken the region yet again.

Poor Japan just can’t seem to get a break and her people are suffering. We hope you will join us in offering them our prayers.

Meanwhile, there is increasingly evidence of radioactive “fallout” being seen in North America.

Because of this, we want to remind you, our HealthBeat News Readers, about the importance of having Potassium Iodide on-hand for yourself and your family.

Please – don’t wait until your house is on fire to buy a fire extinguisher, and don’t wait until the Emergency Broadcast System interrupts your regularly scheduled programming to tell you that you should take your potassium iodide pills!

Please see our previous articles in HealthBeat News about the importance of Potassium Iodide for protection from nuclear fallout.

We still have a small supply of Potassium Iodide available as Iodoral – perhaps a half-dozen of the 50mg / 30 tablet bottles (An emergency supply for one adult) and a dozen or so bottles of 12.5mg / 90 tablet Iodoral which is intended as a daily supplementation dose but can be used as an emergency supply as well as a dose which can be tailored to infants and children. Please see our information page on Potassium Iodide here for dosing information.

Dr. Myatt is actively searching for a supply of Potassium Iodide that she can make available to her patients and our HealthBeat News readers once these limited quantities are sold – but it is not looking good! As anyone who has tried to obtain Potassium Iodide recently will tell you, almost everyone is “sold out” and all available new supplies are being sent to Japan as they are manufactured.

Please, please, please – don’t wait until FEMA tells you it’s time to take potassium iodide and then run down to the local drugstore hoping to get some: there won’t be any to get! Add this important item to your first aid kit now and you can rest easier knowing that you will be able to protect your family.

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