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Fukushima – Worse Than Chernobyl?

Written by Wellness Club on June 2, 2011 – 2:51 pm -

Fukushima – “The China Syndrome” realized? YES says the International Atomic Energy Agency!


IAEA confirms meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima


In a news conference today, June 2nd, The IAEA has confirmed that the core of the stricken reactor unit 1 has melted and escaped it’s containment vessel and is now resting on the floor of the reactor building – this is exactly the situation described in the 1979 movie thriller called “The China Syndrome” where a runaway nuclear reactor core could melt it’s way through the reactor building and into the soil below. It then would contaminate groundwater and render huge areas uninhabitable.

The IAEA assures us on their website that nitrogen has is being pumped into the reactor building in an attempt to prevent a hydrogen explosion and that water continues to be pumped in to try to cool the melting fuel pellets.

Wow – I sure feel safer!

Potassium Iodide – will it keep you safe?

There was a “run” on potassium iodide immediately following the tsunami and the revelation that the Fukushima nuclear plant had suffered mortal damage. Governments immediately snapped up supplies for their own people. The public, around the world, quickly followed suit and this lead to shortages that drove prices out of sight and saw bogus and counterfeit products offered as the ghouls and profiteers went to work.

Fortunately as with most such situations the shortages have been brief, manufacturers have caught up with the demand, and prices are returning to normal. Prices have always been normal at The Wellness Club – we refused to raise our prices simply because there was a panic and a demand!

Still, quality products are always more expensive and potassium iodide is no exception. We continue to offer a top quality product – Iodoral – at a reasonable price. But what if you don’t want or need a whole bottle of 90 tablets? After all, you want to have a supply for emergency use, and a 90 tablet bottle is not really convenient and is probably more than you need.

Dr. Myatt has an alternative – a top quality emergency supply of 130 mg tablets – in a convenient, rugged emergency card format that is cheap enough that you can afford a card for each member of your family and an extra few cards to have in your car, at the office, and at any other place you might find yourself if a disaster strikes.

Fukushima   Worse Than Chernobyl?

These tablets don’t “expire” until 2014 – and to be quite honest, these are a mineral – as long as the packaging is undamaged they won’t go bad – they will be fine long after that!

Now is the time to get some cheap health insurance for your family – don’t wait until the next disaster (or until the IAEA officials tell us that Fukushima has finally exploded and released a cloud of radioactive fallout into the atmosphere…) when there will be another run of panic buying, and shortages, and price gouging.

Find more information on 14 tablet Potassium Iodide Emergency Cards here! At only 5.99 per card these are a family health assurance bargain.

Finally, if you want to read depressing news about the ongoing disaster at Fukushima, here is a link to the IAEA website that has been set up to report on it.

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