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Login problems, Comments, And MMS Feedback

Written by Wellness Club on May 28, 2009 – 4:36 pm -

By Nurse Mark It looks like there are still a few gremlins and bugs in HealthBeat News… And since I’m the one who has to try to make all this stuff run right for you, I’m as busy as a one-armed paper-hanger today trying to sort them out… It turns out that when we had […]

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More About Salba…

Written by Wellness Club on May 27, 2009 – 11:30 pm -

Salba continues to generate interest and comments – we still get occasional emails from Salba devotees who take us to task for failing to praise their beloved chia seed, and we get plenty of other comments, both positive and otherwise – This recently arrived in our mailboxes… Hi Dr. Myatt, I love your website and […]

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There Is Relief For GERD – But Why Take Our Word For It?

Written by Wellness Club on March 12, 2009 – 11:43 pm -

Some of our HealthBeat articles draw more comment from readers than others – and one that has gotten plenty of responses was Dr. Myatt’s article explaining just why antacids and "acid blockers" (think "Little Purple Pill") are so very wrong and unhealthy. What’s Burning you? The Real Cause Of Gerd And Heartburn has been one […]

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A Reader Thanks Us For The GERD Article

Written by Wellness Club on March 6, 2009 – 9:56 pm -

It is always a pleasure to know that our HealthBeat News articles are making a positive difference in people’s lives. We often get small notes of thanks, but this one was extra special – for it came in the form of an email conversation between a long-standing patient of Dr. Myatt’s and her sister which […]

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A Look Back At HealthBeat News In 2008

Written by Wellness Club on January 13, 2009 – 3:03 pm -

The year 2008 was a busy one for us at HealthBeat News – with newsletters every month bringing you articles that were informative, groundbreaking, and even controversial. Let’s look at some of the high-points: In January we looked at IODINE – The “Missing Mineral” for Thyroid, Heart, Immune and Cancer Protection. Dr. Myatt is a […]

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