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A Look Back At HealthBeat News In 2008

Written by Wellness Club on January 13, 2009 – 3:03 pm -

The year 2008 was a busy one for us at HealthBeat News – with newsletters every month bringing you articles that were informative, groundbreaking, and even controversial.

Let’s look at some of the high-points:

In January we looked at IODINE – The “Missing Mineral” for Thyroid, Heart, Immune and Cancer Protection. Dr. Myatt is a top expert on the relationship between this mineral and health, and because of her extensive research she now recommends Iodine Testing for many of her private practice patients.

February brought us a clinical report on the beneficial effects of Fish Oil – More Good News About Fish Oil – For Diabetes and Weight Loss. This report, produced by conventional researchers, in a conventional clinical setting, and reported in conventional mainstream medical journals, tells us in conventional terms what we have always known: Fish Oil is beneficial in normalizing diabetes, and for helping to reduce belly fat in dieters.

Nurse Mark wrote an article in February that brought in plenty of comment both good and bad. You see, since Nurse Mark is usually the first person anyone talks to when calling The Wellness Club he bears the brunt of the calls wanting information – and the displeasure of those who call wanting "freebies" such as free medical advice. One angry reader even wrote in to take Nurse Mark to task for suggesting that even though a person might not be disposed to spend actual money on alternative health care (as opposed to "insurance" money for drugs or surgery) so they could stay healthy, that person would likely scrape up the money to repair their car so they could get to work – healthy or not… How dare he be so heartless! See what you think when you read Can’t Afford Natural Care And Treatments – So What To Do?

In March Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark gave readers the first look at a major research work that had been consuming much of their time over the previous months: Could A Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Be Causing Your Symptoms? This research also led Dr. Myatt to begin using and to carry for her patients and Wellness Club Members a new product: B-Extreme. This research paper should be required reading for anyone with any neurological disease, and is especially pertinent to sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, or Cognitive Impairment.

Dr. Myatt also published a paper Twenty-Five Surprising Benefits of a Dietary "Non-Nutrient" extolling the virtues of fiber in the diet – another fully-referenced article for you, the HealthBeat reader, and Nurse Mark took a hard look at our drinking water and why it might be turning guys into "girlie-men" in Are There Female Hormones In Your Drinking Water? Whew! A busy time!

In April Dr. Myatt created a bit of controversy with her article Soy: Risks and Benefits. Soy is often considered to be the darling of the "natural foods" crowd, and is especially revered by vegetarians and vegans. Dr. Myatt stood up to the "natural" party line by suggesting that in many cases not only is soy not a "wonder food" but that it can in some cases be downright detrimental to human health. Comments ranged from the expected outrage of those unaccustomed to having their dietary beliefs challenged, to praise from a number of readers including some clinicians for her willingness to "tell it like it is".

We also reviewed 10 Dangers of Carbohydrates and Dr. Myatt exposed the dangers of Fungus, Yeasts and Molds: Hidden Cause of Many “Unexplained” Diseases. While they may sound like doom and gloom, article such as these provide us with the information we need to make healthy choices and avoid the dangers around us. In that same vein, Dr. Myatt discussed dietary fats and their relationship to health in Big Fat Lies!

Nurse Mark followed up with an article in May that exposed the dangerous hypocrisy of the "Anti-Fat, Anti-Cholesterol" movement, and the source of their misinformation. Saturated Fats: Another Big Fat Lie exposed the origins of the campaign against saturated fats and how the efforts of one man were aided and abetted by Big Industry – in the form of the soy industry – to achieve market dominance over another – the tropical oils (palm oil and coconut oil) industry. This was an eye-opening expose!

Dr. Myatt similarly exposed the fallacies of "conventional wisdom" – natural conventional wisdom this time – when she gave us the truth about teflon in Teflon – Is It Safe?  This was another article that generated a firestorm of feedback from both sides – from the acolytes of some well-known holistic "gurus" who wrote in outrage that the pontifications and pronouncements of their heroic health crusaders might be challenged, to a number of calmer readers who wrote with their appreciation for a well-researched look at a common concern and to express their thanks to Dr. Myatt for being willing to depart from the "natural" party line regarding teflon.

In June we reported that Dr. Michael LeFevre of the US Preventive Services Task Force had made a very bold statement: Conventional Medicine Finally Admits PSA Screening For Prostate Cancer is a Bust included an eye-popping statement from this  prominent doctor, researcher and policy-maker: "The benefits of screening for early prostate cancer are unknown. There are substantial harms associated with detection and treatment of prostate cancer, and the research fails to show a reduction in prostate cancer death and a net improvement in a patient’s well-being". Yikes! Now that’s news!

June also gave us an amazing about-face on the part of the FDA regarding mercury amalgam dental fillings: FDA Forced To Change Position On Toxic Mercury Fillings! told us that the FDA quietly removed from it’s webpage all it’s claims that there is no scientific evidence of danger from mercury-containing fillings, and adopted a more neutral tone where it now admits: “Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetus." Can you imagine the uproar this must have caused in the pro-mercury halls of the American Dental Association?

And those were just a few of the highlights from the first half of 2008 – in an upcoming HealthBeat Newsletter we’ll look at some of the great, and controversial articles from the second half of last year…

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