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The Bisphosphonate Scandal Continues To Generate Outrage

Written by Wellness Club on March 21, 2008 – 8:32 pm -

The Bisphosphonate scandal that Dr. Myatt wrote about in a recent article The Ugly Truth About “Bone Building” Drugs For Osteoporosis continues to generate comments from those outraged that the FDA and Big Pharma continue to push these poisons, putting profits before health or safety. Recently, Doctor Jeffrey Dach sent us the following succinct note:

Bisphosphonates Increase the Fracture Rates for Osteopenia

The fracture rates for women with osteopenia (T greater than -2.5) actually increases on bisphosphonates. JAMA.1998;280:2077-2082.Cummings

The following quote from John Abramson’s book, Overdosed America, Chapter 13.

“What about using these drugs to prevent osteoporosis? The study of Fosamax published in JAMA in 1998 also included women with osteopenia. Did Fosamax reduce their risk of fracture? The results show that the risk of hip fractures actually went up 84 percent with Fosamax treatment. The risk of wrist fractures increased by about 50 percent.” JAMA.1998;280:2077-2082.Cummings. Quote attributed to John Abramson MD.

For more see:

Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis, A Closer Look at the Data by Jeffrey Dach MD

Jeffrey Dach MD

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