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The REAL Reason “They” are Trying to Outlaw Over-the-Counter DHEA and Other Supplements

Written by Wellness Club on March 21, 2008 – 10:56 pm -

I’m working on another article titled “Turning Supplements into Drugs,” but from the title of this article, I think you’ll get the “drift.” Anything that proves beneficial (about 80% of all non-prescription supplements and hormones, I would guess), will be OUTLAWED as common over-the counter supplements. Why? BECAUSE THEY WORK.And what does that mean? The FDA — the “lap dog” of Big Pharma — will be sure to make anything illegal that Big Pharma can’t make a buck on. It’s in their own financial interest to do so.

Example. If DHEA proves to be beneficial (it has, see next paragraph), “we’ll” make it illegal to sell over-the counter and that way, “we’ll” protect Big Pharma’s interests. Big Pharma can then “license” the “drug” (with big money paid to the FDA for “licensing fees”). Are you starting to understand how this works?

Here’s the latest news on DHEA, taken from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology. Higher DHEA levels are associated with less cognitive decline in females. But that’s not the only thing we know about DHEA.

Youthful levels are also associated with less risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures, better use of glucose (better blood sugar regulation) and improved immune function, to name just a few benefits.

Translation: higher DHEA levels correspond to better mental and physical function in older years.

So why all the recent bru-ha-ha about outlawing DHEA? Has it harmed any one? Not that I can find in the medical literature. Nay, NO ONE appears to have been harmed by OTC DHEA.

What DHEA does is keep the adrenal and various other hormonal functions at more youthful levels. This recent study adds to the growing body of evidence that generous DHEA levels help preserve youthful function, including memory.

SO… expect DHEA to become outlawed as an over-the-counter supplement, and fully expect it to become a prescription-only “drug”  at a cost of 10-20 times more than you pay for it now (with no improvement in safety or benefit).

Anything that works — again, about 80% of supplements, in my estimation — will soon be “prescription only.” You can thank the FDA, who are protecting nothing but their own financial interests by protecting Big Pharma, for this travesty.

That’s how it looks from here…

Dr. Myatt


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