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Lithium Orotate – Protect and Renew Brain Cells

Written by Wellness Club on May 8, 2008 – 1:41 pm -

Lithium is a unique but often overlooked mineral with many health uses. It is a natural mineral in the same family as sodium and potassium.Most people are familiar with the lithium salts (carbonate and citrate) used to treat manic-depression (bipolar disorder). This form of lithium is not easily absorbed, so extremely high doses must be used (1200mg of lithium carbonate per dose, for example). At these doses, lithium is highly toxic. The toxic salt forms are available only by prescription. Lithium orotate is 20-times more biologically active than other forms of lithium, and is extremely safe. In orotate form, lithium acts as a mineral supplement that may be beneficial for:

  • protecting and renewing brain cells (1-8, 17)
  • Alzheimer’s prevention and possibly even reversal  (9-16)
  • migraine and cluster headaches (17-20)
  • depression (21-24,30)
  • low white blood cell count (especially after chemotherapy) (25-27)
  • spatial memory improvement (“Where did I park my car?”) (28)
  • alcoholism (29-31)
  • Meniere’s syndrome (17)
  • Improves cognitive impairment in HIV+ patients (32)
  • For more information about this important mineral, and to access the many scientific references that support this article, please visit our Lithium Page at

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