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Your Dental Fillings Could Be Poisoning You!

Written by Wellness Club on May 13, 2008 – 1:19 pm -

[Nurse Mark note: this article is a reprint of a HealthBeat Newsletter originally published on Aug 8th 2007 – which can be found here. We feel this important information deserves to be brought forward.]

Still have “Silver Fillings” in your teeth? - You won’t want to after seeing this!
We warned readers about the dangers of conventional dental treatment in nearly a year ago in the HealthBeat newsletter Three Hidden Causes of Disease Lurking in Your Mouth .That newsletter generated a lot of response – including one very angry letter from a dentist in California who is obviously a good little ADA clone – he said that we were all wrong and he would like to testify against us at a malpractice trial!Well, fast forward a bit: we are still not in court – and there is an organization of dentists called the International Academy of Oral Medicine and
who agrees with us that mercury amalgams are toxic and they have produced a rather shocking video that proves it.
We work with a local holistic dentist whom we trust to remove mercury amalgams safely - contact us for more information on this health-restoring procedure.

  Teeth = Poisonous Gas

This video shows toxic mercury vapor outgassing from an amalgam dental filling. It is Odorless, colorless and tasteless — but it casts a shadow in black light!

  Your Dental Fillings Could Be Poisoning You!

  Click on the image above to view the video

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