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What Remedy For Diabetes?

Written by Wellness Club on February 9, 2012 – 4:52 pm -

What Remedy For Diabetes?


By Nurse Mark


Big Pharma has done such a good job of brainwashing us.


They have been highly successful in establishing the belief that for every malady, for every ill, for every complaint, there is a pill – a magic bullet – that will provide relief.

We are told that we need only visit our doctor who will, with great wisdom, listen briefly to the complaint, look quickly at the labs or x-rays, and whip out his trusty prescription pad upon which he will scribble the magic formula that will allow the druggist to dispense the appropriate remedy. All will be well we are assured…

Unfortunately it is rarely ever that easy – but people keep hoping, and since Big Pharma has convinced folks that it works that way for allopathic doctors, many assume that it must also work that way for naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths, and others.

Here is an example of this sort of thinking that recently came in via email:

Dear Dr. Myatt: what remedy have you discovered for advanced diabetes that is aggravated by fall-outs of close relationships, and deaths of friends – for instance?… thank you much, Paul 


Sorry folks – It just isn’t that easy!

While Dr. Myatt is certainly quite capable of correcting even advanced diabetes, this is not any new “discovery” and it is not by any single remedy or vitamin or herb. Through careful holistic medical practice diabetes can be easily corrected, often in under 90 days (as are many other “difficult” and “chronic” conditions.)

Here is my answer to Paul:

Hi Paul,

Diabetes can be a complicated condition, as you have discovered.

You did not say what type of diabetes you are seeking advice for:

Type I diabetes is a condition where the pancreas does not produce enough (or any) insulin – it can be caused by a number of things including auto-immune disorders.

Type II diabetes is a condition where the body has become resistant to the effects of the hormone insulin – this is more often a dietary problem and is usually very quickly corrected.

Then there is Type 1.5 diabetes which shares features of both Type I and Type II diabetes – this is a condition often not recognized by conventional endocrinologists and other doctors, but it is also correctable with skilled treatment.

Emotional stress can play a significant part in diabetes for a number of reasons – for an illuminating, even life-changing explanation of this I suggest that you obtain a copy of Dr. Myatt’s inspiring video The Body Mind Connection .

Please also review Dr. Myatt’s recommendations for diabetes here:

Please consider arranging a Brief Phone Consultation with Dr. Myatt if you would like to explore this subject further.

Nurse Mark

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