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Wasting Money to Save Money? Who’s Watching Your Back?

Written by Wellness Club on March 20, 2008 – 2:24 pm -

By Dr. MyattAs a child, I remember riding around the block six times with my friend and her father as he searched for a gas station with cheaper gas. He he finally found it. At 2 cents per gallon less, one wonders if he spent more money circling the block than he actually saved. Even my third-grade mind questioned the reasonability of his actions.

Fast-forward some 40 years, and I still see people wasting time and money trying to save a buck, only now it’s on a much grander scale. Instead of a few pennies at stake, I watch people wasting dollars AND risking their health in similarly vain attempts to “save money.”

As most Wellness Club members know, I spend enormous amounts of time and energy verifying the quality and purity of all products sold at The Wellness Club. As a result, my nick-name in the nutritional supplement industry is “The Dragon Lady.” Truth is, I wear that title proudly.

Does this mean that something will never slip by me? Of course not. But in 14 years of due diligence with The Wellness Club, we’ve not had anything slip by yet. I think it’s a safe bet that our record of excellence will continue, at least as long as I still draw breath. (Which from my recent physical exam and lab work will probably be another 50-60 years unless I’m run over by a truck).

We’ve never had a single “recall” on a product or raw material, and we always offer the highest potency forms of nutrients available unless they are totally cost-prohibitive. In other words, I work hard to make sure all of our products are the best quality available anywhere, bar none. So far, this “homework” has paid big bonuses. The vast majority of our patients — even those with life-threatening and “incurable” conditions — either recover or at least blow the lid off their conventional “life expectancy.” And they do so in grand style, feeling well and living life to the fullest. It’s that kind of medical success that keeps me doing what I do.

Why am I so careful? It’s a dangerous world out there. Products labeled “organic” are often NOT. For example: have you heard about the recent discovery that many “natural” and “organic” products have been found to be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a cancer-causing chemical? How could such a thing happen if our big and important government agencies like the FDA and the USDA are watching out for us?

According to Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association, large holding companies are buying up many smaller brands when they become well known. They then cheapen the formulations, often adding toxic chemicals. Brands that may have started out as quality, small-company formulas have become Monolithic Corporation toxic chemical soups, but they still carry the “organic” or “natural” designations on their labels! Meanwhile, our “government protectors” turn a blind eye. Of course they do. They make their Big Money from these Big Corporations — the foxes are guarding the hen house.

Products that are supposedly “safe” and of the highest quality often contain tainted ingredients. Unless you personally know the company, the manufacturer and their screening practices, “welcome to the jungle.”

Wouldn’t you rather have The Dragon Lady on YOUR side?

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