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Two Special Birthdays – Two Free Gifts for YOU!

Written by Wellness Club on March 20, 2008 – 2:30 pm -

 Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club is Celebrating two special birthdays this month, and we’d like to give you a gift (or two!) to help us celebrate.The first birthday is Dr. Myatt’s. That’s right, The Good Doctor turns 49 years young on March 19th.  But please, if you write or email, don’t tell her I told you her age. Her story — and she’s sticking to it — is that she’s “39 with 10 years of experience.” Or “39 and holding,” which we all know is possible with clean living and good anti-aging strategies.

The second important “birthday” is The Wellness Club itself!

Dr. Myatt gave “birth” to this baby 14 years ago in March. And thanks to you, our Wellness Club members, patients and friends, we’re still here and going stronger than ever. So … what more reason do we need to celebrate? We’re just so darned happy to be alive and well and enjoying life that we want to recognize YOU and the important part you play in our lives. So here’s our plan:

Gift #1: Let us light up your life with a MaxiMicro miniature (key chain) tactical light — the brightest little flashlight you’ve ever seen and only the size of a quarter. Check it out here:’ll send you one of these awesome little lights FREE with any order that you place between March 19th and March 31st. Just ask for it when you order — it’s yours!

Gift #2: Super Omega Fish Oil. How important is Omega-3 oil? WAY important. We’ll send you a bottle of our premium high Omega-3 fish oil FREE with any order over $49. (In honor of Dr. Myatt being 49 — get it?!). In the comments box on your order (or on the phone), simply write or say “Happy Birthday Dr. Myatt.” That’ll be our “secret code” for sending your birthday gift. See your gift here: yeah… and you’ll get BOTH gifts if your order is over $49, any time between the March 19th and March 31st.

Remember – This is not a “Coupon” - just use the “Comments” box when you place your order: say “Happy Birthday Dr. Myatt” to get your free Fish Oil with any order over $49, and remember to ask for your free MaxiMicro light with any order!Won’t you join us for the celebration(s)?!

Nurse Mark

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