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Warning – Vit A Blocks Vit D Absorption – NOT!

Written by Wellness Club on April 21, 2010 – 3:32 pm -

There is no shortage of misinformation and breathless warnings out there in the various popular natural health websites and blogs. Sometimes it seems like some of the natural health writers get a significant part of their daily exercise from all of the jumping to conclusions that they do!

Julie recently wrote, following our recent Special Report On Vitamin D to say that she has seen an article, written by one of the “bigs” in the natural health field who enjoys a large and faithful following, that seemed to warn that by taking Vitamin A at the same time as taking Vitamin D would result in interference of the absorption of the Vitamin D. Fortunately, Julie knows that when Dr. Myatt makes a statement it is backed up by solid scientific research, and that research is never squeezed, massaged, or misrepresented to make it say what she wants it to say rather than what it actually does say.

Julie was concerned that Dr. Myatt’s Maxi Multi Vitamins contain both Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

Here is what Dr. Myatt had to say to Julie:

Hi Julie:

Hope this finds you and Yours feeling well and enjoying some emerging Springtime weather!

It wounds like you read Dr. Xxxxxxx? Wherever you found this information, the article in Dr. Xxxxxxx’s blog was misleading (as I find many of his articles are). If you were to look up the references he provided, you’d see that the problematic doses of Vit A occur at 30,00-50,000 IU per day for long stretches of time. These are not doses that anyone would or should take except under the guidance of a physician! Smaller doses of vitamin A, under 5,000IU, do not appear to interfere with anything including vit D absorption.

Also important is the fact that some parts of the body require pre-formed vitamin A, not beta carotene, in order to function normally. Pre-formed vitamin A is especially important to the eyes, skin and immune system.

I am ever-watchful of our supplements including Maxi Multi to make sure our formulas reflect the best and most current science. And yes, I DO read and check out all of our references, something it does not appear to me that all newsletter-writing docs do!

Although Maxi Multi’s contain 800IU of vitamin D, I find that many people who are deficient may need up to 10,000IU of vit D to get up to “optimal” levels. You will want to consider having your vit D levels tested so you know what ballpark of daily vit D intake you should be aiming for. Even people who live here in Arizona are turning up deficient, probably because of sunscreen, clothes and not spending enough time in the sun.

Hope this answers your question but if not, let me know and I’ll try again!

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

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