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Something Wonderful Has Happened… Fertility!

Written by Wellness Club on May 27, 2009 – 8:13 pm -

By Nurse Mark

We get calls… again.

As our readers and Wellness Club Members and Dr. Myatt’s patients know, here at The Wellness Club we answer our own phones – when you call Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club at our toll-free number you will not speak with someone in a call center in Bangladesh or Manilla or Outer Elbonia – you will most likely speak with Nurse Mark or Lindsay or MJ or maybe even Dr. Myatt herself. Because a lot of folks know this some will try to take advantage of us and we get plenty of calls that we can’t help – folks wanting to discuss which supplement might be best for a complicated medical issue is a good example. We get calls from salesmen too, who are hoping that they can bluff their way to speaking with Dr. Myatt if they ask me the right questions in the right way… And we get calls from doctors and other health practitioners from around the country and even around the world, hoping to be put through to Dr. Myatt "for just a brief question or two…"

Since Dr. Myatt is booked very heavily it is pretty much a certainty that a casual caller is not going to be able to speak with her – she is usually on the phone with booked calls to either patients or doctors. This is one of the reasons we instituted the "Brief Telephone Consultation" – so that Dr. Myatt could help all those folks who call wanting answers to "just a few quick questions". The salesmen are another matter. They never talk with Dr. Myatt directly – her time with her patients is far too valuable to be interrupted and they are told to email us with their pitch. The other doctors and practitioners that call are a different matter – for we recognize that they are trying to do their best for their patients and if their question is not something that can be resolved by email I will do my best to get them connected somehow with Dr. Myatt.

Such was the case a few weeks ago when I received a call from someone who identified themselves as "medical director" for "a clinic on Long Island" and asked to speak with Dr. Myatt about her vitamins and about pycnogenol. To be honest, my Bogus-Meter began to climb, and my Salesman Alert Warning Light started to flash – though the flashing subsided to a steady glow when this fellow seemed satisfied that Dr. Myatt could not drop what she was doing (a patient consult) to take his call right then and gave me a call-back number. I discussed this call with Dr. Myatt who was just as suspicious as I was. Still, I also had an equally strong feeling – a hunch – that this one might be important somehow. I persuaded her to return this fellow’s call when she had a few moments between patients.

It’s a good thing that I went with my hunch – because something very exciting has occurred.

The caller turned out to be Dr. Jeffrey Braverman – a very highly respected specialist in the immunological causes of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss and is indeed the Medical Director of the Sher Institutes For Reproductive Medicine – Long Island. As a good and careful scientist Dr. Braverman noticed the cause-and-effect relationships and benefits that diet, vitamins, herbs, and supplements had in improving outcomes for some of his patients, and as a good and caring doctor, he was determined to secure these benefits for all of his patients – so he sought the help of another recognized expert, Dr. Myatt. As a result, something wonderful has happened.

Conventional, cutting-edge, high-tech, scientific infertility treatment has teamed up with the scientifically-based holistic treatment strategies of naturopathy, and The Fertility Project is the result – bringing the best of both worlds to women and couples seeking to improve their odds of conception and their ability to carry a healthy baby to full term.

Dr. Myatt is providing her skill and experience and expertise in diet, vitamins, herbs, and supplements – she has, and continues to formulate supplements targeting the special pre-conception needs of men and women and the critical post-conception needs of both mother and unborn child. Dr. Braverman is incorporating these nutritional supplements and other naturopathic techniques from Dr. Myatt into his already highly-successful cutting-edge reproductive therapies, and between the two they are taking on "the tough cases"!

This is a project that just makes us feel warm all over – and we invite you to learn more at The Fertility Project.

If you or someone you love are experiencing difficulties in becoming pregnant or keeping a pregnancy this could be some of the most valuable information ever. Check it out – follow your "hunch" and your heart as I followed mine – and find out why we here at The Wellness Club and Dr. Braverman and his staff at Sher Institutes For Reproductive Medicine are so excited about The Fertility Project!

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