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Some Questions We Just Can’t Answer!

Written by Wellness Club on December 12, 2008 – 5:20 pm -

Here’s a good one! See if you can guess our what our answer will be after reading this question that was sent anonymously to us – no name, no "Hi, How are you", no "Thanks for your time":

Anonymous wrote:

It has been a month and three weeks now since I have started taking Lucidal.  I started twice a day and then three a day . After two weeks I sufferred an acid reflux, so I took Prilosec for 14 days as instructed in the box and during the 14 days I was in Prilosec I was taking Lucidal once a day, a week after that I sufferred another acid reflux.  Should I continue   taking Lucidal ?

Okee-Dokee… Let’s see now…

First, this is not a product that we sell here at the Wellness Club. In fact, given the amounts shown in the supplement facts box that I found after some searching on the Lucidal sales website, we would not even consider offering such an incomplete, low potency vitamin mixture for sale.

Here is a challenge: find the Supplements Facts Box on the Lucidal Sales website, and compare it with that of Dr. Myatt’s Maxi Multi. As a multiple vitamin, Lucidal is a lightweight – an expensive lightweight, but a lightweight all the same.

Second, without knowing an awfully lot more about this person, how can we possibly say that the "acid reflux" has anything to do with Lucidal? Is this person old? Young? Healthy? Ill? Using other drugs?

Third, who are we to say whether or not this person should continue to take this product? We know nothing about this person, we did not sell this person the product, and we are not the formulators of this product. While we have a general idea of the ingredients in the "proprietary" formulas listed on the Supplements Facts Box, we do not know amounts – that is the beauty of "proprietary" formulas – exact amounts need not be listed.

Perhaps this person should pose these questions to the "certified neurosurgeon and expert in brain biochemistry" that formulated this product – Dr. Larry McCleary.

Folks, this is a classic example of the sort of questions that we see all too often, and that we simply cannot answer.

As for Lucidal, I would not want to say that this product is a waste of money for if the testimonials on the Lucidal sales website are to be believed at least some people are finding it helpful. But looking at the Supplement Facts Box reveals vitamin and mineral dosages that we here would refer to as "Pixie Dust". Lots of "stuff" to make the product sound impressive but not enough of any one thing to do much good. A lot of people like products with "lots of stuff" in them – it feels like they are getting a better "deal".

It is certainly better than no vitamin at all…

But, at the price that is being asked for this product (someone has to pay for those "free" bonuses and the expensive "as seen on TV" infomercials!) we still believe that as a multiple vitamin Lucidal is a very expensive lightweight.


For a truly effective multiple vitamin, try Dr. Myatt’s Maxi Multi.

For some straight, honest information about neurological disease, see our webpage: Neurological Disease.

For help with "acid reflux" see Dr. Myatt’s article What’s Burning You and see our webpage on Indigestion.

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