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Sen. Durbin Is Still After Your Vitamins – In ‘Stealth-Mode’.

Written by Wellness Club on October 27, 2011 – 2:51 pm -

After our recent Legislative Alert article FDA Says: We’re Baaaack! No Vitamin Is Safe! we received a note from one of our readers:


I sent the petitions and…

….got receipts and promises of further responses from both: AL GREEN -  Member of Congress and JOHN CORNYN – U.S. Senator

¡¡¡ Let us never give up !!!

Sen. Durbin Is Still After Your Vitamins   In Stealth Mode. George


Thank you George, and congratulations on the success of your efforts – for your efforts, and the efforts of others like you have meant that Senator Durbin’s draconian bill is not getting very much “traction” in Washington.

So, does that mean he’s giving up? Heck No!

According to a report from The Alliance For Natural Health Senator Durbin has proposed an amendment to an appropriations (budget) bill that will allow his dictatorial dreams to become a reality – just a little more slowly, and a little bit at a time. Think “frog-in-pot-of-hot-water-getting-hotter”…

This is a sneaky way of getting controversial laws passed without too much attention and we invite you to visit the Alliance For Natural Health website and learn more. You can use their website to send a message to your senators and your representative with just a few keystrokes and mouse-clicks. Please join George and all the other concerned consumers out there and defend your right to free access to dietary supplements!


Click here to visit The Alliance For Natural Health.

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