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Protect Your Family From The Flu – Without Drugs Or Shots

Written by Wellness Club on April 30, 2009 – 12:50 am -

By Nurse Mark

The Sky Is Falling!

The CDC, as of this writing in the afternoon of April 29th, 2009, has elevated it’s "warning level" to "phase 5" on it’s scale of one through six.

The television news networks are gratefully running nonstop "breaking news" coverage of what they are calling an "epidemic". Obviously, REAL news had been a little slow…

Google, the internet giant, has jumped onto the bandwagon with a map where the truly swine-flu-obsessed can track suspected and confirmed cases.

Big Pharma, with visions of sugar plums — and major profits — dancing in it’s eyes is rubbing it’s hands with glee and hoping that no-one will notice that out of the one hundred forty eight or so people known to be infected with this influenza worldwide, only one outside of Mexico – a Mexican toddler with "underlying health issues" who was visiting family (or had come seeking American health care) in Brownsville, Texas – has died.

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."
Rahm Emanuel – chief advisor to President Barack Obama

A public health emergency has been declared in the U.S. to free up resources to deal with the swine flu, Janet Napolitano, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said at a White House briefing. President Obama has requested $1.5 billion in emergency funding from Congress.

The government is releasing nearly 13 million doses of antiviral medications to stem the spread of swine flu, Napolitano said.

"The national stockpile has 50 million courses, and we are releasing 25 percent of the state portion already," Napolitano told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, which convened to discuss the federal response to the swine flu outbreak.

Could enforced vaccination be part of our new reality? Could travel restrictions – both international and even internal – be considered?

I can certainly envision a scenario where the CDC, the DHS, and Big Pharma combine forces to require that proof of vaccination be shown by anyone wanting to travel… I can’t help but notice that there is an awful lot of fear-mongering going on right now, and a lot of "experts" being called upon to pontificate and "prepare" us for the draconian measures must come next if "our government" is to successfully "battle" the "looming and deadly epidemic" – measures like enforced vaccinations, travel restrictions, perhaps even people rounded up and quarantined en masse.

Could it really happen here? This is the United States of America, after all you say. I sure hope not, but…

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."
Rahm Emanuel – chief advisor to President Barack Obama

Is It Really That Serious?

"Seasonal flu each year causes tens of thousands of deaths in this country — on average, about 36,000 deaths — and so this flu virus in the United States, as we’re looking at it, is not acting very differently from what we saw during the flu season." Dr. Richard Besser, acting CDC chief. (Please note: Dr. Myatt told you this last year in Flu Vaccinations: A Shot in The Dark? )

So, according to the CDC this particular flu is pretty much like every other flu – many people will get it, most will have the usual ugly week of feeling lousy, some will feel really ugly, and a few more will develop secondary infections and die.

Thus far we have less than two hundred people sick with this flu around the world, and a handful of people (eight, as of this writing) dead. Despite the panicked reporting of the News Industry and the fervent hopes of a pharmaceutical industry hit by global recession this is not an epidemic.

So far, the people who have died have been Mexican – in a country with third-world health care and fourth-world sanitation. Yes, I know that the tourist areas are showcases of gleaming modernity and cleanliness – but they are tiny oases in a sea of squalor that is the bulk of that country. Remember, Mexico is a country where people die of simple diarrhea…

So – What Can YOU Do to Protect Yourself and Your Family?

Maybe you should stock up on the new wonder-drug Tamiflu, right? Sure – it is said to shorten the duration of an influenza by a whole day or so, and the side effects aren’t all that bad: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, cough… uh, wait a second here – aren’t those the symptoms we are trying to avoid?

OK, so maybe Tamiflu isn’t such a good idea. How about the other wonder-drug, Relenza – you know, the stuff you snort? Well, according to drug-maker GlaxoSmithKline;

"In studies, the most common side effects with RELENZA have been headaches; diarrhea; nausea; vomiting; nasal irritation; bronchitis; cough; sinusitis; ear, nose, and throat infections; and dizziness. Other side effects that have been reported, but were not as common, include rashes and allergic reactions, some of which were severe." They go on to say: "This list of side effects is not complete."

Uh, oops, that doesn’t sound like a winner either. In fact, that sounds like "Swine Flu Plus".

Well, then how about just getting a flu "shot" – a vaccination? Folks, I want you to go back and re-read Dr. Myatt’s recent article Flu Vaccinations: A Shot in The Dark? – this should be required reading for anyone thinking about being subjected to Big Pharma’s foolish experiments, and should probably be required reading for any doctor who is recommending that you be vaccinated. As Dr. Myatt says:

"Flu vaccines only protect against a small number of viruses, are effective 39% or less of the time and work even less well in people who need it most, the elderly and immune-weakened folks. I’d say the flu vaccine is a real shot in the dark. Worse than ineffective or benign, the influenza vaccine is still preserved with thimerosol (mercury), a known neurotoxin."

Alrighty then! I need to preserve whatever brain cells I have left – I’ll not willingly be injected with any vaccine, especially one so ineffective…

So is all hope lost? Are we all doomed to catch swine flu and die?

Not likely!

Here’s The Scoop:

Please re-read Dr. Myatt’s HealthBeat News articles Flu Vaccinations: A Shot in The Dark? and ‘Tis the season… for Colds and Flu! and her webpage The Flu Can Be A Brutal Enemy – where you will find some simple, effective strategies to help you and your family avoid the flu and avoid the drugs and vaccinations that are certain to be pushed upon you.

As you re-read those articles you will note that Dr. Myatt has made a really crazy money-back guarantee: She guarantees that if you follow her recommendations you will not catch a flu! Will your local doctor promise if you get a flu shot you wouldn’t get the flu or your money back? See Dr. Myatt’s "No Flu for You" Guarantee here Because last year, this year, pseudo-"swine flu epidemic" or whatever, folks, this guarantee still stands!

Now, here’s the short course, for those who don’t have the time to read those earlier articles:

How to Make Yourself Flu-Proof:

1.) Eat an Immune-Boosting Diet. The two major dietary causes of immune suppression are sugar intake and food allergies.

2.) Practice simple home and hygiene techniques.

  • Wash your hands frequently. You don’t need expensive "hand sanitizers" – simple, pure soap is fine.
  • Cover your mouth and nose — preferably with a tissue — when you sneeze or cough.
  • If you are sick take the day off!
  • Keep your house humid.
  • Get regular exercise – it stimulates the immune system.

3.) Strengthen your immune system with supplements.

  • Take an optimal potency vitamin/mineral supplement every day.
    Here are the nutrients of particular immune-enhancing importance, and they should all be found in a good multiple nutrient formula:
    * vitamin C
    * vitamin E
    * beta carotene
    * vitamin A
    * vitamin D
    * zinc
    * selenium
    (Please Note: These nutrients and more are found in optimal amounts in Dr. Myatt’s Maxi Multi vitamins)
  • Supplement with additional immune-boosting herbs including Echinacea, astragalus, medicinal mushrooms (Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi), Ligustrum, Goldenseal and Garlic. Learn more about Dr. Myatt’s Immune Support formula .

If you do catch something, start Dr. Myatt’s Acute Immune Protocol right away.

For More Information Read Dr. Myatt’s HealthBeat News articles:

Flu Vaccinations: A Shot in The Dark?

‘Tis the season… for Colds and Flu!

The Flu Can Be A Brutal Enemy

What’s the Bottom Line?

We believe, after intense research, that this "new flu" is a complete hoax, no bigger or badder than any other year’s flu (and the acting CDC chief agrees). It’s a money-making opportunity for Big Pharma in cahoots with a spendthrift government eager to flex it’s muscle and advance it’s agendas, as shown by the words of Presidenet Obama’s right-hand man Rahm Emanuel.

We believe there is NO BIGGER DANGER THIS YEAR FROM FLU than any other year. This is a fabricated problem, designed to lure an unsuspecting and uneducated populace into further dependence on "help" from Big Government and salvation from Big Pharma. Forget it. Neither Big Pharma nor Big Government can save us from the flu any more than they can save us from the common cold.

Forget the flu shot. Follow the simple recommendations given here. Eat well, take supplements to support an otherwise decent diet. Exercise a bit, think good thoughts and pray for the continued survival of our freedoms.

Yes, this flu is likely to return in the fall flu season as some "experts" are warning.  So don’t stop – keep eating well, exercising, taking your vitamins and immune support and you’ll be just fine.

That’s how it looks to Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark from Snowflake, AZ, after a hard, critical look into this current "non-crisis."

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