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About That "News Flash" From Mercola

Written by Wellness Club on April 27, 2009 – 7:36 pm -

By Nurse Mark

Most of our readers are certain to be familiar with Dr. Joseph Mercola – whose website, touting itself as "The World’s Most Popular Health Newsletter" gives us this week a "News Flash": "Acid Reflux Caused by Too Little Acid, Not Too Much…" proclaims the top headline, complete with accompanying webcam video  of Dr. Joe explaining just how serious a problem he feels this to be.

Well, we have to agree – Joe is absolutely right! A lack of healthy levels of stomach acid is a huge problem, that is being made worse by the willy-nilly prescription of ever-more-powerful "acid blockers" – drugs designed to reduce or eliminate or neutralize the stomach’s production of hydrochloric acid.

This leads to all sorts of problems – from bacterial or candidal overgrowth in the stomach and gut, to malabsorption of foods, food "sensitivities", immune and auto-immune disorders, and outright malnutrition.

So, did we learn all this by watching Dr. Joe’s gesticulating webcam video? Heck no! Dr. Myatt has been telling her patients, Wellness Club members, and HealthBeat News subscribers about this for a decade or more! Let’s hope that this is not "new news" to Dr. Joe – because if it is, while we must applaud him for recognizing the seriousness of America’s addiction to "the little purple pill" we must wonder why it has taken him so long to "wake up" to something that Dr. Myatt has been preaching about for so many years.

Dr. Myatt has a page dedicated to the discussion of Gastric Acid Function and offers a simple, easily performed at home Gastric Acid Function Self Test Kit that allows anyone to quickly and accurately determine their level of Gastric Acid function.

Here is a link to Dr. Myatt’s most recent HealthBeat News article about acid reflux and GERD:

What’s Burning You? The REAL Cause of Heartburn, Indigestion and GERD (and How To Correct It)

Dr. Myatt’s HealthBeat News article, in addition to being a lot more brief and to the point that Dr. Joe’s (in my opinion, anyway), is also complete with scientific references and citations from peer-reviewed medical journals for those who wish to study this subject further or who just want to know where this information came from – references that Dr. Joe’s article seems to be lacking…

So, stay tuned to your HealthBeat News newsletter – we promise that we’ll do our best to give you this kind of important information ‘way before all the others do – Dr. Myatt told you about hsCRP testing as a marker for cardiac risk long before conventional medicine ever thought to order this simple and inexpensive test, she pioneered hormone suppression therapies in the treatment of prostate cancer long before this came to be accepted as "Standard of Care" in conventional medicine, she warned of the dangers of synthetic hormone replacements for women long before the Premarin scandal exploded, she has been warning of the dangers of conventional cardiac "care" and helped patients "By-pass bypass surgery" for years, and more.

Cutting edge? You bet! We hope you are subscribed to HealthBeat News Dr. Mercola – we’ll keep you hip!

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