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"Life Happens"

Written by Wellness Club on March 25, 2014 – 3:54 pm -

By Dr. Dana Myatt


“Life happens.” Knowing that unexpected things happen and knowing that you can and will deal with them is all that is really important.

At our quarterly Realty Executives meeting last week, our speaker was Jason Schechterle, a Phoenix police officer whose stopped patrol care was hit from behind by a cab doing over 100 miles per hour.

The impact turned his patrol car into a thousand-degree fireball, trapping him as it consumed the vehicle. It should have killed him. But through a series of small miracles, he lived. His face looks like a candle that has been melted, and that is after 52 surgeries.

He said he was speaking in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and people were staring, not knowing who he was or what the back-story was. So he told them, “I’m from Phoenix. We all look this way in the Summer.”

“Why?” you might ask yourself, “is Dr. Myatt telling me this?” Because his message applies to me and you and every human on the planet.

His story is incredible and this man is a blazing testimony (all puns intended) to the power and resilience of the human Spirit. His message was simple. WE ALL HAVE CHALLENGES. Some are bigger than others. But our challenges are a small part of our outcome, maybe 10%. And the other 90% is HOW WE CHOOSE TO DEAL WITH WHAT LIFE DEALS US. (that’s my phraseology, but that’s basically what he said).

Learn More about Jason Schechterle and his amazing story at his website Beyond The Flames.

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