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Help – My Neurotransmitters Are Shot!

Written by Wellness Club on February 24, 2011 – 12:11 pm -

Help – My Neurotransmitters Are Shot!


What to do when your symptoms are telling you “something is wrong!”


By Nurse Mark


Regular readers know that we get plenty of questions here – and many of them are heart-wrenching because we can hear the pain of these people when we read their notes. Being unwell is no picnic and feeling mentally unwell is horrible!

Here is a recent note from one such sufferer.

Debbie’s email reads:

Subject: Neurotransmitter = almost nonfunctional
Message: What does one do, or where to go to restore transmitters. I
read your symptoms, I have 20 out of the 35 listed.


YIKES! – Poor Debbie – she must be feeling just miserable!

I emailed her back with the following suggestions:

Hi Debbie,

You should start by reading our pages on Neurotransmitter Restoration at

Please be sure to follow all the links on the left side – they will explain different aspects of neurotransmitter deficiency and imbalance and how to correct them.

Please also consider having your neurotransmitters tested: 

This is a very comprehensive look at your neurotransmitters and will allow you to focus your restoration efforts instead of using guesswork based on symptoms.

[Nurse Mark note: “Guesswork” is how most Big Pharma head-meds work – for example, in the case of Zoloft or Prozac or other SSRI drugs they are guessing that serotonin levels are low thus causing symptoms of depression. Unfortunately, serotonin is only one of dozens of neurotransmitter hormones and their intermediaries! “Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey” is not a good way to practice medicine…]

Your symptoms are telling you that something is wrong – but symptoms alone cannot tell you what is wrong or out-of-balance.

The Neurofocus Profile is easily collected at home – you will simply collect and send a urine sample to the testing lab.

You should also consider a Brief Telephone Consultation with Dr. Myatt:

Dr. Myatt is not accepting “new” patients, but she does still find time to provide brief consultations – and a brief consultation is often enough to answer difficult questions, clear up confusion and get someone headed on the path to good health!

Hope this helps!
Nurse Mark



I sure hope Debbie is OK – this exchange took place several weeks ago and that was the last we heard from Debbie.

But that is not a surprise, really, for often when people discover that it is going to require them to make an effort beyond just asking for help, or that help will require them to pay out-of-pocket since our services are not covered by “insurance” we never hear from them again. Oh, well… I sure hope Debbie is getting some help from someone…

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