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Dr. Myatt’s Bread!

Written by Wellness Club on January 22, 2009 – 7:12 pm -

Dr. Myatt’s Bread – The follow-up to Dr. Myatt’s Muffins

Dr. Myatt recently revealed her recipe for Dr. Myatt’s Muffins – the tasty, heart-healthy, high-fiber, low carbohydrate treat that can be enjoyed guilt-free and cooked in 90 seconds in a microwave oven.

Myatt Muffins are a hard act to follow! But follow it we have…

Work has continued tirelessly here at the Wellness Club Culinary Research Laboratory (also known as Dr. Myatt’s kitchen) and we are proud and pleased to announce that we have developed a similarly tasty, low-carb, high fiber, guilt-free substitute for bread and English Muffins.

That’s right, now you can enjoy a sandwich, or eggs Benedict, or a toasted English muffin even when you are on a strict low-carbohydrate diet!

Not only that, but this recipe is so high in fiber that your gut will love you – one of these and one Dr. Myatt’s Muffin each day is certain to give you “Happy Bowel”!

The “Baking” Directions Are Ridiculously Easy And Convenient!

  • Mix egg and water
  • Combine dry ingredients and mix
  • Place into a small flat-bottomed microwaveable dish or container – we use a square-shaped container for “bread” and a round container for “English Muffins”.
  • Microwave on high for 90 seconds.

Makes 2 servings – use a bread knife to make 2 slices. It is best if toasted.

This proprietary, copyright recipe is available at this time only to Dr. Myatt’s private practice patients.

Please contact Dr. Myatt if you wish more information or to obtain this recipe.

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