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Dr. Myatt Stands With Dr. Mercola!

Written by Wellness Club on October 31, 2012 – 7:48 pm -

Dr. Myatt Stands With Dr. Mercola!


By Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark and everyone at The Wellness Club


Dr. Myatt and Dr. Mercola don’t always see eye to eye, and in fact, Dr. Myatt has never been shy about challenging Dr. Mercola when she felt he was out of line. But on this issue, Dr. Myatt and all of us here at the wellness club stand in solidarity with Dr. Mercola and we are proud to offer him our public support.

You see, Dr. Mercola has taken a very public stance on a political initiative in this year’s elections – that is, he is in support of California Proposition 37, a proposition on the ballot in California on November 6 that would mandate labeling of foods containing Genetically Engineered (GE) ingredients.

The opponents of Prop 37 have engaged in a vicious campaign to discredit Dr. Mercola and to sway public opinion. They accuse Mercola of having spent 1.1 million of his own dollars in support of Prop 37, as if it is somehow wrong for someone to be willing to support a proposition that simply calls for truth in labeling. What they conveniently fail to mention is that agribiz giant Monsanto has spent over $8 million to Mercola’s $1 million.

And that’s just Monsanto!

In fact, the “no” side, representing Big Agriculture, Big Food, and Big Biz in general has spent some 41 million dollars fighting the yes side’s $5 million – and the “Yes to Prop 37″ side is still winning, according to the opinion polls!

That’s right, Big Agribiz has outspent the people by 8 to 1, and they still are trailing in polls and are now resorting to smearing Dr. Mercola in online and print ads in their desperate attempt to stifle this truth in labeling proposition.

Prop 37 isn’t about banning anything. If you like having GMO ingredients in your food you’ll still be able to buy them.

That is your freedom of choice as an adult American.

Prop 37 IS about making sure that you can know what is in your food so that you may make an informed choice.

Dr. Myatt, Nurse Mark and the staff at The Wellness Club urge all California voters to please vote yes to Proposition 37.

And we all stand firmly with Dr. Mercola in rejecting the lies and smear tactics of the Big Corporate Agribusiness funded “No on Prop 37″ campaign.

Please learn more about this at Dr. Mercola’s website:

And at the Cornucopia Institute website:

And at the “Yes to Prop 37″ website itself:

Dr. Myatt Stands With Dr. Mercola!

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